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The Spirits are Always with Me by Jane Shutt

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The Spirits are Always with Me by Jane Shutt

True Stories and Guidance from a Modern Shaman

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We are never alone. We all have our own spirit helpers even if we have never met them...

In The Spirits are Always with Me, Jane Shutt shows how the ancient path of shamanism can help us find our way in the world today. By connecting with nature and the spirits, shamans can heal others, cure physical ailments, deal with mischievous sprites, and even restore harmony to entire cities.

A leading shamanic practitioner, Jane shares her own extraordinary story. She invites us to journey with her to other levels of reality, from the magical realms of the spirit worlds, to the spine-tingling Land of the Dead and other mysterious layers of existence. She reveals how shamans use incredible yet effective techniques such as power retrieval, and how we all have spirit guides and our own totem animal.

Full of amazing true stories and practical advice, The Spirits are Always with Me will open your eyes to the guidance and wisdom of the spirits themselves.

'This wonderfully grounded book reveals how shamanism heals our everyday world when we acknowledge the wisdom of the spirits - Caitlin Matthews, author of Singing the Soul Back Home

'Fascinating and insightful.' - Nicholas Wood, editor of Sacred Hoop magazine.

Total Pages: 170 (Paperback)

About the Author
Jane Shutt is a leading practitioner of shamanic healing and a popular leader of workshops about shamanism. She lectures for the Pagan Federation and is a regular contributor to Sacred Hoop and Spirit Talks magazines. Her work takes her all over the world, from Europe to Hong Kong and the United States.

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The Spirits are Always with Me - Jane Shutt
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I found this a fascinating and interesting book. It's written by a Shamanic practitioner in a clear and very readable style. Shamanism seems to be a bit of buzz-word at the moment, with lots of people getting on the Shaman 'bandwagon' and setting themselves up as Shamans, when in reality they are not offering true Shamanistic practices at all. If you're not really sure what a true Shaman does, then I suggest you read this book. There is no 'mumbo jumbo' or 'airy fairy' writing here, but nor is it too deep or difficult to get your head round. Don't expect any 'quick fixes' or 'how to' guides. That is not what this book is about. What you will learn though is how Shamanic practices can heal and balance not just people, but the world we live in too. This book offers advice and guidance and offers short extracts of some of her clients' experiences. Among other things, you will learn about soul retrieval and power animals, and go journeying with the author. I really enjoyed this book, and much to my amazement, found that once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down until I had finished it! It is both thought-provoking and quite beautiful.
3 out of 5 By
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