Natural 3 Kings Soap (Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold Glitter)

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A natural soap bar containing Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold Glitter; made using vegetable oils and natural herbs. Suitable for all skin types, this soap gently cleanses the skin, leaving a long lasting freshness.

3 Kings Soap is named after the biblical account of the birth of Jesus, where the three kings brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to the baby Jesus. This unique soap could make a great gift for someone, particularly if you're looking for something a bit different. The use of Frankincense and Myrrh in these bars are also beneficial for those who would like to work on their spiritual progress, or simply to make use of their warming and relaxing properties. 

Frankincense usually originates from the dry and rocky regions of North-East Africa from the trees of the Boswellia family; in its resin form it can produce a rich, dense fragrance when burnt. The aroma of Frankincense can help with relaxation, spirituality and also to help reduce stress.

Myrrh, similarly comes from the rocky hillsides in barren and dry locations, and when burnt in resin form it can produce an earthy, almost pine-like scent. Myrrh is usually known for its calming, grounding and sensuous properties. 

The gold glitter in these bars have been sprinkled all over, and you may find more in some compared to others! Generally the bars are a light brown/golden colour, although due to the natural ingredients you will find that this differs between bars. 

They Say: Our soaps are all natural, for a true cleansing experience, physically and spiritually. No tallow (animal fat), no urea (urine), or other bizarre ingredients; just clean vegetable oils and natural herbs. 

Extra Information: Each bar comes individually wrapped.

Size of Bar: Each bar may vary very slightly, however they are roughly 9.5cm in length, 4.6cm width and 2.5cm depth.

Weight: 135g (Approximately)

Country of Origin: Grand Mesa, Colorado

Staff Review by Brett Almond

I’ve always been a bit of a 'practical' kind of soaps and shower gels kind of a person. But recently I have found myself pushing the boat out and buying items like the Imperial Leather Foamburst shower gels, which are a hoot! So I have found myself open to new ideas in the soap department…

In that vein I took it upon myself to test the “3 Kings Soap” from Fluorescent Ranch, a company based in New Mexico, USA. We import a range of natural herbs and smudge sticks which they grow themselves and they also make soaps.

This soap is olive oil based and other natural vegetable oils. No animal products. To look at, the general colour and opacity are similar to that of Pears Soap. But this soap is a little softer to the touch. Out of the packet there is a smell reminiscent of frankincense and myrrh, but I wouldn’t necessarily call this an aromatherapy soap. It is more a natural soap with a nice gentle, subtle aroma.

It made me feel nice knowing that it contains just good things. I live in Norfolk which has very hard water, and it lathered up really well, in fact better than many main stream soaps. Hence it did wear a little quicker than those soaps that don’t lather so much.

The thing I wasn’t really sure about was the addition of glitter to the soap! I mean, how does that work? Basically on the upper and lower sides there is glitter on the surface of the soap. I was thinking, am I going to go out looking like I was going to a “tween”-age disco with glitter on my face? Lucky to report it didn’t seem to work like that and the glitter didn’t hang around on my body at all. And I just decided to really enjoy the completely frivolous addition that really was only just about the look. I decided to take it as reminder that not everything in my life has to have an actual practical purpose. Sometimes something can just be in my life because it is fun. The 'something' being the glitter that is.

In all, I liked the soap. It’s natural, cleaned me really well and had the added bonus of something I never thought about being on a soap (glitter). Hence I think this would make a wonderful surprise gift for someone else. But I would also be very happy to continue to use it myself.

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