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Singing the Soul Back Home by Caitlin Matthews

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Information: 254 pages, paperback

They say: If you feel distanced from the natural world, trapped within a material society, and you are searching for meaning and purpose in your life, shamanic wisdom can offer you an answer. Caitlin Matthews shows how respect and wonder for nature, combined with spiritual joy and healing, are the essence of the shaman's holistic, vital world. Follow her exercises throughout the book and you will experience practical shamanic journeying. In this way, you will become 'a walker between the worlds' and aware not just of physical reality, but also of the subtle reality of the shaman's spiritual world.

· Packed with over 80 clear, practical exercises
· Over 17,000 copies of original edition printed
· An essential workbook written by a leading shamanic teacher

You will be guided, at your own speed, through the complete shamanic experience. You can explore your own inner space, journey between the everyday world and the spiritual realm of the shaman, and discover your spirit voice and true destiny. Following this path will make you more aware of your own innate healing powers.

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Singing the Soul Back Home - Caitlin Matthews
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Caitlin Matthews is well known to most of us who have ventured into the unknown places, within our souls, and is as good a guide as any along the spiritual path. Once again, here, she aims to guide her reader through the uncertainties that beset the spiritual traveller. She includes very serious words of warning against ‘spiritual tourism’ and explains how to move from one area to another, and how to avoid the dangers and pitfalls. Of course, shamanism is not for the faint hearted, and if in any doubt, the answer is to stay away.

But there is no doubt that while everyone struggles with a very individual spiritual path in this life, some guides are better than others. Some are out to sell you something more than their books, but Caitlin Matthews is not one of these. The bottom line for her is that shamanism is about the regeneration and protection of the planet, rather than the accumulation of personal power. If you decide to follow her guidelines, it is important to follow them properly.

Although this is a very readable and beautiful book, - and undoubtedly one to treasure and return to, - it is not one to take lightly. Shamanism is only for the serious and committed seeker. But if you feel that the coming twelvemonth is a good time to spend more time listening to our own Guides, and feel brave enough to go to where they might take you, Caitlin Matthews can offer you a great deal of sensible, practical advice, that will not leave you with regrets.

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