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Large Red Tarot/Angel Card Bag - With Gold Lining (100% SILK)

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    Made from the highest quality 100% dupion silk. Each bag is double lined. That is to say there is one colour for the outer of the bag and another layer of silk is used to line the inside. This gives a wonderful and unexpected contrast between the two. The silk is strong. One of the characteristics of dupion silk is the seams and textures on the silk's surface which reflect the light at different angles.

    Some people prefer to use cloths or bags that are made from silk to hold their cards as they feel, as a natural product, this helps maintain the integrity of their tools better than man made fibres.

    These bags have been specifically designed with Tarot and Angel Cards in mind. They are the correct size for all the decks we sell at Holisticshop including Rider Waite, Doreen Virtue Angel Cards, Crowley, Spiral, Morgan-Greer, Osho Zen etc. Overall a product which has wonderful colours and is made to a very high standard.

    Bag Size: 21 cms x 15.5 cms (8" x 6")

    Bag Characteristics: Red silk outer. Gold inner. Red drawstring cord.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Red - Passion, energy, power
    Colours can affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states, both consciously and unconsciously. We can use colours to help us feel better, to inject an element of vitality into our life, or to calm strong feelings and promote a sense of peace and relaxation.

    The colour red is typically associated with a range of emotions and states of being, including: energy, passion, love, joy, vitality, health, strength, power, fire, aggression and danger. Different people perceive colours in different ways, so you may have other associations, which are equally valid.

    Throughout ancient traditions, red has been a dominant colour, symbolising both positivity and negativity. It's been used to represent the colour of gods of sun and war and is often associated with power. In China it was the emblem of the Chou dynasty and was thought of as being one of the luckiest colours. In Christianity red is associated with the act of sacrifice, representing the blood of Christ who died on the cross. Red is a particularly dominant colour in the Tarot.

    The colour has links with passion and sexuality, too. Hearts are usually depicted as red and it features widely in the annual celebration of St. Valentine's Day, and in Greece it was the colour of the phallic God, Priapus. Young North American Indians traditionally painted themselves in red, believing it would increase their strength and desire.

    As far as the chakras go, red is the colour used to symbolise the base chakra.


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    Large Red Tarot/Angel Card Bag - With Gold Lining (100% SILK)
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    Reviews - rated 5/5 based on customer reviews

    5 out of 5 By
    This bag is really well made. It's a beautiful colour, the lining is gorgeous, and my oracle cards fit in it perfectly! Highly recommended.
    5 out of 5 By
    This bag is a gorgeous ruby red and reflects the light beautifully. Mine arrived this morning and I am proud to own such a beautiful bag of such excellent quality.

    This bag is spacious enough to carry your portable ritual items in as well; hence my reason to purchase another one, so that I can carry it outdoors with me when I connect with nature.
    5 out of 5 By
    This bag is lovely - a deep jewel red and great quality! Excellent service!
    5 out of 5 By
    Well, my new bag arrived this morning, and it is such a lovely deep red colour! I am very pleased with it. It is sturdy, roomy, and very good value for money. I now have thirty tumblestones nestled in it, and they feel very happy there. I definitely recommend this bag for anyone in search of something that is natural and of high quality.
    5 out of 5 By
    After reviewing the Gold Silk tarot bag and the Black Silk Tarot bag in this series, it would be silly not to review this one!

    The colour is a gorgeous deep red, the material catches the light (only real silk does this, not the cheaper imitations) and the bag is strong, also roomy enough for most standard Tarot/Oracle decks. You could also use the bag for runes, crystals or other treasures.

    Very reasonably priced, and the service was excellent. I will be using holisticshop again.

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