Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

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Receive unique and secret messages from the Universe by connecting to the natural forces around you.

On the Back of the Deck The Native Spirit Oracle Cards profoundly deepen your connection to the mysterious, natural forces around you. Created by Denise Linn, a member of the Cherokee Nation and the best-selling author of the books Quest and Kindling the Native Spirit, this 44-card deck with companion guidebook holds the keys to unlocking a wondrous realm where you'll discover what destiny has in store for you.

These oracle cards were birthed at the base of a sacred mountain, and they carry the mystical energy that surrounded their birthing. Each card opens a gateway so that you can powerfully and immediately discern your own unique, secret messages from the Universe.

Learn how to give remarkably accurate and heartfelt readings for yourself and others. These oracle cards are the keys to opening mystic gateways that grant you a direct connection to sacred inner realms. Additionally, they help you understand the meaning of the signs and symbols in your dreams, as well as in your waking life.

Pack Includes: A 127 page guidebook and 44 card deck.

Card Size: Approximately 9 x 12.5 cm (3.5 x 5").

Author: Denise Linn

About Denise Linn 

Denise Linn is the best selling author of 16 books, including Soul Coaching, has been called "America's best kept secret." She has taught in more than 20 countries, is a popular radio talk-show host, and has appeared in numerous television documentaries worldwide.

Staff Review by Brett Almond

Denise Linn is an internationally well-known respected author and teacher, who has been teaching since the 1980s. Due to her Cherokee ancestry she sometimes has a Native American slant to her teachings. I read her book, “How my Death Saved my Life,” many years ago and was struck by her authenticity.

The “Native Spirit Oracle Cards” touch on tradition but I would not call them “traditional”. The first thing that struck me about them was the strong sense of nature throughout the deck’s images. This makes readings very accessible and also means when you have more than one card laid out, then the spread is full of colour and can feel like a beautiful, natural landscape, full of animals, trees and plants, water, seasons, sun and sky. This gives a softness and peace to readings that is unexpected.

I think calling them “Native” cards is accurate because, although they are strongly influenced by Native American culture, (eg. White Buffalo, Peace Pipe, Great Mystery, Trickster), some other cards could apply across many cultures (eg. Flowing River, Elder, Storyteller, Nature Spirits). Only 2 cards have people in them, and they are “Medicine Woman / Medicine Man” and “Thunder Drum”, where the people are shadowed outlines in a wider landscape.

Denise Linn says in days past we would consult a shaman or a medicine woman or man to gain insight, but, “Because the veil between the ethereal and the terrestrial worlds has become thinner,” these ways are now open to the many. She explains that although she is a registered member of the Cherokee nation, these cards do not portray any particular tribe. She also quotes an Aboriginal leader who said to her once, “Native is not necessarily what’s in your blood, but what’s in your soul.”

A 127 page booklet, that is the same size as the Native Spirit Oracle Cards themselves, is included. In the introduction it says, “The Native Spirit Oracle Cards are your keys to unlocking a mystic portal into the inner knowing and ancient wisdom within you and others.” Linn explains that deep down all our ancestors are “Native” and “Indigenous”; these ancient people lived in harmony with the earth and could read the signs all around us. She is encouraging us to connect / reconnect to that which is innate in us, even if it is “forgotten”.

As someone who has been working within the shamanic and native ceremony for more than 20 years, I was keen to see these cards and get under their skin. There are 44 cards in total. And in order to get my head around them, I put them into groups that I felt belonged together, in order to comprehend better the overall nature of the deck. I need to say that this oracle deck is not organised in this way!

There are 9 cards that relate to who you are and the energy you carry: Tracker, Shape Shifter, Dream Traveller, Warrior of the Heart, Wounded Healer, Tribal Spirit Dancer, Elder, Storyteller, Medicine Woman / Medicine Man.

There are the 4 cards for the Four Directions: Spirit Keeper of the East, Spirit Keeper of the South, Spirit Keeper of the West, Spirit Keeper of the North.

There are 4 cards for the Elements: Spirit of Air, Spirit of Water, Spirit of Earth, Spirit of Fire.

There are 5 that refer directly to animals: Trickster (which is Coyote), Freedom Horse, Eagle Medicine, Owl Medicine, White Buffalo.

There are 9 cards that I would call ceremonial: (That is, they relate to ceremony or an object that could be used in a traditional ceremony) - Sweat Lodge, Prayer Feather, Peace Pipe, Thunder Drum, Talking Stick, Vision Quest, Smudging Ceremony, Medicine Bag, Offerings.

There are 10 what I would call ‘big picture’ cards and nature cards: Ancient Forest, Great Mystery, Ancestors, Sacred Mountain, Grandfather Sky, Grandmother Earth, Flowing River, Nature Spirits, Song of the Wild, Circle of Life.

Then finally; 3 what I have called ‘doing’ cards: Gathering your Tribe, Answering the Call, Walking in Beauty.

In the booklet each card meaning generally takes two pages and each description has three parts:

1 “Card meaning:” Where she talks about the essence of that particular card.

2 “Your native spirit wants you to know:” This is like advice to you.

3 “Your Journey:” This offers an action you could take to connect more closely to that card.

Generally I found her explanations packed a lot of information into a limited space, and were both insightful and useful. She encourages you to go with your first instinct when reading for someone or yourself and then to read the booklet if you still need to, but if it is at odds then return to your instinct. I would agree with this approach, as instinct and intuition are key for reading any kind of oracle cards, in my opinion.

Denise Linn offers seven different spreads in the booklet:

“Daily Spiritual Insight” - That is a card for that particular day.

“One Card Reading” - To address an individual concern.

“Three Card Reading” - 1 What needs to be healed / 2 How to heal the blockage / 3 Future outcome.

“Five Card Spread” - Message from your spirit guides.

“Tree of Life Spread” - Nine card spread for deeper issues.

“Four Directions Spread” - Four cards for each of the directions of the medicine wheel.

“Medicine Wheel One Year Spread” - 12 cards for 12 months with note taking.

Although there are only 30 pages of introduction before the card definitions I felt what she packed in was helpful. I think the three card spread is what I would use on the most regular basis, especially if reading for myself. But the spreads are well thought out and will provide different options for all our different characters!

I found that on turning over a card it took me a little while to connect initially. For example, I have taken part in many sweat lodges, and on seeing the “Sweat Lodge” card, I just saw the physicality of it in the card picture. But on reflection I connected more with cleansing, letting go, purification and communion with the divine that a sweat lodge might bring. But some of this, not quite tuning into a card straight away, comes while familiarising with a new deck. But likewise there were cards I connected to very quickly, like “Owl Medicine”, “Sacred Mountain” and “Ancestors”.

The “Native Spirit Oracle Cards” have a very positive outlook. Getting more into the meanings may take some time, especially if you are not familiar with Native American traditions, but that is the same for any oracle deck; and as you learn more, your readings will become richer.

I think this is a deck that will work well for many with occasional use, but I believe there is something more below the surface that would lend them for more regular use as a main deck. Those with a love for nature I think will appreciate their beauty and their connection to the rhythmic, cyclical nature of life. Because of the extremely nature based photos and images I think they would work really well for those that feel connected to the wild and planet earth, regardless of shamanic or Native American interest."

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