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Native American Dream Pillow with Natural Herbs - (Design Varies)

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Dream pillows are key to the limitless universe of dreams. The herbs within have been selected from ancient traditions of dreamlore. Wisdom of dreamcraft has respected the power of these plants to induce clarity in the dreamstate.

These are made with rose petals, sage, mugwort, lavender flowers, balsam combs and other delightful flowers and herbs that create a state of mind for relaxation, enabling you to have Sweet Dreams. The dream pillow may be placed under the pillow or hung upon the headboard. Ideal for both young and the old. Sweet dreams.

Note: The design of the covers of the dream pillow does vary depending upon the fabrics available at time of manufacture. But they are all of a Southwestern theme, featuring traditional images or designs.

Size of Pillow: About 12 x 12 cms

Dictionary Terms Explained

Lavender flowers - Balance, sacred connection
The striking purple flowers of lavender (Lavandula officianalis) are highly fragranced - a scent that you'll either love or hate! It's been used by a variety of societies through the ages and has gained alternative folk names such as Elf Leaf, Nard and Spike. Alchemists believed lavender was ruled by the planet Mercury, North African women thought it had the power to provide protection against maltreatment from their spouses and it was a common ingredient in love spells.

The distinctive flowers can be burned, put into sachets or left uncovered in an open bowl to release the scent. Lavender is renowned for its calming energy, helping to rebalance tired and distorted emotions. It's particularly good for easing headaches, anxiety, depression and dispelling insomnia, but it's also said to be helpful for restoring the connection to the sacred realm.

It's very versatile, so whether you want a pleasant aroma, need aid for alleviating a health condition or are seeking something to increase your spiritual intentions during meditation, lavender could be the answer.

Balsam pine needles - Pungent, refreshing
The balsam fir is a small to medium sized evergreen tree that can grow up to 40 to 80 feet tall. It can live for a maximum of 200 years and is found in many parts of northeastern North America. The needles of the fir are flat, about 1-1 1/2 inches long, rounded at the tip and normally curvy. They're a dark green colour on top and usually white-ish underneath.

The needles have a pungent and refreshing aroma that arouses the senses and brings to mind a walk in the forest. The scent is lovely enjoyed on its own, and putting bundles of balsam needles in bowls in the house serves this purpose really well, but they can also be added to incense and burned during meditation, ceremonies or sacred space cleansing.

The tree is said to have helped Native American communities survive the winter, as it was particularly prized for its medicinal purposes.

Mugwort - Hope, dreams, wards off negative energies
Mugwort (Artemesia Vulgaris) loves to grow in desolate and devastated places. And because of this ability is often seen to symbolise hope. It grows in localised places in the UK such as East Anglia and has long been used by healers. It is common to the over grazed lands of Western USA. Mugwort grows in scraggly bushes. The leaves are a silvery white colour on the underside.

Other names include: Black Sage, Croneswort, Wormwood or Herb of St. John.
Peter Stone
When dried and burned as a smudge it is often used to help open up access to the higher realms, to stimulate dreams, vision and clairvoyant abilities.

The smoke is a kind of herbal and sweet and a little bit less dense when compared to the smoke of Californian white sage. Then energy feels lighter and maybe a little more "floaty" than sage. Maybe that is part of the reason it is used by some to aid astral travel.

In the Native American tradition mugwort is especially used to keep out negative and evil energies.

Californian White Sage - Cleansing, purifying
Californian White Sage The home of Californian white sage (Salvia Alpine), a scrub plant with spiky flowers, is along the sun-washed coastline of Southern California.

Sage is a cleansing and purifying herb and can be used to help break up feelings of negativity. Traditionally, it's regarded as being able to open people up and bring about the ability to have a greater connection with the sacred world.

Its properties make it ideal for use in cleansing and clearing ceremonies of people, places and objects, as well as for meditation or prayer. People wanting to build a closer spiritual connection may also benefit from burning or carrying the herb.


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Native American Dream Pillow with Natural Herbs - (Design Varies)
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Reviews - rated 5/5 based on customer reviews

5 out of 5 By
I got two of these pillows, one as a present to give away, and one for me - or so I thought! I have to fight my cat every evening for who gets to snuggle closest to it! The scents are wonderfully soothing. It's a lovely thing to have around. Miss Puss thinks so too!
5 out of 5 By
Fragant, gorgeous pillows in so many wonderful designs. You can smell the aroma before you even open the package. Bought five as gifts and loved each one of the different colorful fabrics chosen. In fact, my 6 year old and husband each wanted one themselves as soon as the package was opened. So will be buying more for sure, for the family or as small gifts. Just terrific.
5 out of 5 By
I have to say I love this little pillow. I've been having some problems unwiding at night and sleeping since having my little girl, so I am hoping this will help. I also bought the small dream catcher. I will be buying more in the future for presents as it smells amazing.
5 out of 5 By
Just received my dream pillow and the scent is fantastic - I could smell it even as I was opening the envelope! You can tell that it contains high quality herbs, it feels like its packed with nature. The material is lovely and is excellent quality without being so dense that the herbs are restricted. I have it under my pillow and I would say I have definately remembered my dreams and that they are far more detailed and always pleasant. You will not be disapointed if you buy one.
5 out of 5 By
My 3yr old daughter was having terrible nightmares so I bought her a little dreamcatcher and dream pillow to see if they would help and she loved them and best of all they did the trick; no more sleepless nights and the nightmares have stopped.
5 out of 5 By
These are lovely little pillows with a lovely smell with them. I'm sure I will have many lovely dreams from now on, as should the baby girl I ordered another for :)
5 out of 5 By
I love my dream pillow.
5 out of 5 By
I bought 2 dream pillows, one for myself and one as a gift, we both think they are great, the design and scent are all I expected.
5 out of 5 By
I didn't expect that it would be so beautiful. The smell is so lovely. The native people have been very respectful towards the plants that they have taken the herbs from. The dream pillow has helped me have loads of wonderful dreams and it has helped me to have a good night's sleep aswell. I also thought all the designs were beautiful. The native people have done a very good job as they look and smell fantastic.
5 out of 5 By
It works! I dream often but can't usually remember much of it. Since using my dream pillow the clarity of my dreams is quite astounding and enables me to remember them all day even if Brad Pitt wasn't in any of them! The herbs definitely promote a sound and restful sleep. I would honestly recommend this product I think it's brilliant - it does what it says it does!

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