Libra - Zodiac Crystals Tumblestone Set

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These crystal collections each contain 4 crystal tumblestones in a small velvet bag, that have picked specifically for your sign.

Libra Crystals Include: Carnelian, Green Fluorite, Moonstone, Rhodonite (Blue Bag)

Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd) is an air sign which is ruled by venus and depicted by the image of scales. Librans are happy, charming and easy going and are renowned for their diplomatic skills. Relationships are crucial and they thrive on committed partnerships with lovers. They value peace and to feel emotionally secure and balanced. Decision-making can be tricky sometimes as they also have a tendency to be indecisive.

About the Crystals

Carnelian - Red and orange
This stone reinforces will and instils greater courage and decisiveness in choosing. It helps us to appreciate life by making ourselves useful to others.

Carnelian has a vibrant and spicy energy that can stimulate new life where there has been depression and lethargy. It can help to banish apathy and general disinterest in life by introducing energy into your aura, which reminds your body and spiritual self of what it is like to help something to grow. By holding or wearing carnelian you will not magically be cured (only you can do that) but it will offer you a different road to travel. It can also help promote sociability and warmth to others and it exhibits many of the properties of agate. (Also sometimes referred to as cornelian).

Green Fluorite - Green
Green fluorite strengthens communications, diplomacy and stability. It makes people more affable, attractive, and kind.

Fluorite's clear energy helps us to ride the roller coaster of life while maintaining a clear spiritual awareness that there is, indeed, more to life than we can see with our eyes. It helps us to feel and know in confidence that there is a more spiritual nature to everything. Fluorite energy can help to open and keep open the channel to the spirit world. It can help stabilise chaotic situations because it helps us to realise that everything is developing, just as it is meant to, and that we are always in the most ideal place we could ever be in.

Because it can come in so many different colours that often mix together it has earned the name of the "most colourful mineral in the world".

Moonstone - White
Moonstone helps to resolve tensions in the couple with tenderness and common sense. It brings balance and serenity, helping them to understand each other without speaking.

Rhodonite - Pink and black
Rhodonite helps to overcome shyness and discover motivation and joy in relationships. It makes people more accepting of themselves.

Rhodonite is a stone of love. It has a peaceful, caring energy that promotes unconditional love. It energises the heart and can be effectively used for healing work, especially involving the heart chakra. Some people call it the stone of peace, as it exudes an air of peacefulness. As such, it is also sometimes used as a tool of resolving conflict and restoring inner balance.

Cleansing Your Crystals
Don't forget to regularly charge and cleanse your crystals. Cleansing can be as simple as running the crystal under the cold tap while visualising the negativity being washed away. And a night on your windowsill in the moonlight (full moon is particularly effective) will give your crystal an energy boost. Sunlight works just as well, but some crystals may fade.

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