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Kuumba Made Persian Star Fragrance Oil

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Persian Star Fragrance Oil from Kuumba Made - A stronger version of the popular Persian Garden Fragrance

Kuumba Made Fragrance Oils are distinctive, unique and highly concentrated; a few drops will go a long way. Being oil-based they smell stronger and last longer than traditional alcohol based perfumes that tend to evaporate quicker.

Persian Star Fragrance Oil
This fragrance is a blend of one of our most popular scents 'Persian Garden' that is formulated to be a little stronger for those who love Persian Garden but have a hard time smelling it. Persian Garden is known to be one of Kuumba Made's lightest fragrances and we've included some information below about ways that you can make this a little stronger. Alternatively, Persian Star is still the same amazing fragrance as Persian Garden, just a bit bolder!

Persian Garden Fragrance - A garden of earthy delights, popular for both men and women. This fragrance is smooth, grounded and light with a slight hint of mystery.

Can the Scent Be Stronger?
We get frequent feedback that Persian Garden can be a light fragrance; Kuumba Made say that this is actually one of their lightest fragrances and it is so popular because of it's beautiful light scent. You should find that Persian Star should be stronger smelling than this, however if you wish to make this stronger still, we recommend warming the oil; by allowing the bottle with cap still closed, set in a bowl of warm water bringing it warm to the touch, this will bring the oil to a fuller body and a stronger scent. You should only have to do this once, not every time you wear it.

Size of Fragrance
You can select the option of a 1/8 oz vial or a mini sample vial (please note, these are very small).

Choosing A Fragrance
Choosing a fragrance is personal, like choosing an outfit, jewellery or your makeup - everyone is different. Your natural body chemistry is unique, meaning the way a fragrance smells on you may smell different on someone else and can react depending on things like your body temperature, diet or life style. We have tried to place each fragrance into its own group such as Fresh, Citrus, Woody etc; so if you have a favorate perfume that's sweet or floral for instance, it's a good idea to pick one that falls into the same group. If you are not sure of the fragrance you would like, we would recommend buying a mini sample first.

Apply a few drops of the fragrance to your skin and then wait a few minutes to allow the aroma to breathe. You may find that a scent can be carried further when the temperature is warm; many people prefer wearing a heavier scent in winter and a lighter fragrance in summer.

Extra Information
These fragrances can also be used as air fresheners, colognes, or a few drops can be added to your favorite body lotion, massage oil or bath oil.

Created with the oils and resins of flowers, plants, roots and trees.

Sustainability and Quality
The herbs and plants used in Kuumba Made's products are grown in their own organic garden, on certified organic farms or ethically wild harvested. Their products are never tested on animals.

Dictionary Terms Explained

Kuumba Made - Natural beauty and fragrances
Kuumba Made is a US based company that have been making natural, botanical organic body care products for over 25 years. The flowers and herbs used in their products are ethically wild harvested and grown in their organic garden or on certified organic farms. They use the highest quality, effective and unique ingredients including plant extracts and essential oils. They believe in sustainable environmental practices and support Fairtrade. We love their products and we hope you do too!

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Kuumba Made Persian Star Fragrance Oil
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