Guatemalan Worry Doll in Small Crochet Bag

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A single worry doll in small drawstring crochet pouch; each bag contains the printed story of the worry dolls.

The style of worry dolls and the colours of the bag will vary between sets. Please see the pictures above for variations of the different types of bags, these are usually in various rainbow colours.

About Worry Dolls
An old story tells that when the Maya People of Guatemala had worries, they would them to the worry people. At night they would place the worry people under their pillows and when they awoke, the worry people had taken their worries away.

This handmade product has been made by the Maya People who live in the highlands of Guatemala. They make their living from agriculture in the rural areas of the country and are often dependent on alternative forms of income.

Size of Worry Doll: Approximately 55-60mm

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