The Complete Crystal Workshop by Judy Hall

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The Complete Crystal Workshop - Including CD (Godsfield Bible Series) by Judy Hall

On the Back of the Book
Judy Hall's Complete Crystal Workshop is interactive, practical, and includes a step-by-step learning programme to guide you towards the profound wisdom within crystal lore.

  • Exercises will lead you towards a deeper understanding of crystals and develop your skills in relaxation, visualization, and intuition.
  • Journaling sections allow you to write your own experiences directly into the book.
  • A CD featuring meditations and inspirational music will bring you into a receptive state for deeper work.

Total Pages: 256 (Paperback)

About Judy Hall
Judy Hall is an internationally renowned mind body and spirit author who’s written a range of books on subjects such as past lives, crystals, reincarnation, astrology, healing and psychology. 

A natural psychic, she’s worked as a karmic counsellor, past life therapist and astrologer for over 40 years, as well as doing healing, astrology, broadcasting and running workshops. Judy is very knowledgeable about world religions and mythology and has a B.Ed in Religious Studies and a Masters in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. One of her great mentors was Christine Hartley, famed for being Dion Fortune’s metaphysical colleague and literary agent.

Judy has been actively involved in media work, both promoting her books, as well as her strong interest in reincarnation, and articles about her have appeared in magazines and newspapers around the world. She’s also done a lot of TV and radio work too, both locally in various regions of the UK, nationally and internationally.

With over 40 books to her name, including the bestselling The Crystal Bible; many of these books have also been translated into 18 languages. 

When not writing books, Judy works as a healer and counsellor, utilising natural healing methods and divination, and has clients from varied walks of life. She’s also involved in running workshops and, again, these take her around the world.

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