Blue Aragonite Wire Wrap Silver Pendant

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Activating throat chakra, deepening meditation, opening psychic abilities.

Aragonite can occur in various colours, including white, gray, red, yellow-green and blue. The most popular colours for metaphysical use are Red and Blue. 

Information Included with the Pendant
Blue Aragonite is a calcium carbonated mineral from China or Peru. It is characterized by a lovely rich turquoise colour and interior patterns.

Mystic Lore: Intuitive sources say that Blue Aragonite stimulates the throat and heart chakras, making it possible for one to clearly express information from higher spiritual sources. It enhances psychic ability and is helpful to mediums, intuitives, channelers, healers and all people who draw inspiration from Spirit. It makes one emotionally stronger, so the impact of greater empathy isn't overwhelming. 

Size of Pendant: This can vary between 20 mm to 30 mm at the longest point. As this is a natural product, each pendant is unique and may vary in shape and size. Click on the photos above to take a look at the variety of these pendants.

Please Note: This pendant does not come with a chain. Click here to take a look at our Sterling Silver Chains.

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