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Pure Avocado Carrier Oil (100ml)

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    Pure Avocado Oil (100ml) - Persea Americana

    Our cold pressed oils are excellent for use with massage; they can be used by themselves or as a carrier oil for pure essential oils. Base and Carrier oils are extremely nourishing and provide lots of nutrients and fatty acids that will leave the skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.

    Avocado Oil is extracted from the flesh of the fruit; it has a very good absorption rate and is excellent for dehydrated skin. Rich in Vitamins A and D, it can help with skin conditions such as eczema and to reduce inflammation. Particularly suitable for dry and mature skin, it is one of the most nourishing and easily absorbed therapeutic oils, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. Excellent for facial massage as it plumps up premature lines and wrinkles. It treats dry, dehydrated skin, slowing the signs of aging and improving elasticity, and is especially useful for relieving the dryness and itchiness of psoriasis and eczema, also solar keratosis. It is ideal in creams or salves, and can be added to soap recipes for a moisturizing bar. It is believed to be a helpful treatment for wounds and burns.

    During colder temperatures, Avocado Oil can have a tendency to solidify; if this happens, simply place your oil in a warm room or by holding the bottle between you hands. By doing so, the oil will soon become liquid again. In some cases, good quality Avocado Oil can appear to be cloudy - This is no an indication of inferior quality, quite the opposite!

    Avocado Oil dates back to 8000 BC and was prized by the Aztecs as a health enhancing oil and superb emollient for their skin. Workers handling this oil develop excellent skin texture. Avocados have a very high oil content, similar to olives, and like olives high quality fruit and no adulteration produces extra virgin avocado oil, which can be used for culinary purposes. This oil originated in Central America and Mexico, which produces 34% of the total world yield (250,000 tonnes.) The USA produce 8%, Isreal 4% and South Africa 2%, although New Zealand's production has recently increased significantly.

    Carrier and Base oils are made by being cold pressed from the fatty portions plants, this is usually from the nuts, kernels or seeds (as oppose to essential oils which are distilled from plant roots and leaves). Vegetable oils used in aromatherapy should be cold pressed or refined without the use of chemical agents (all of ours are), as some vegetable oils in supermarkets may have been extracted with the help of a chemical agent. Many base/carrier oils are odourless, however some will have a very faint nutty or sweet smell.

    Avocado Oil is obtained from the flesh of the fruit by the complex process of maceration, (high speed grinding followed by decanting/separating. The low minimum temperature processing secures many of the natural constituents of the fruit are retained.) Unless carefully diluted with another carrier oil it can overpower a blend. It is also expensive to use on its own, so blend with another moisturizing and nourishing oil, such as Sweet almond. A 10% blend for massage is ideal, whereas 25% is suitable for face and hand creams or sunscreens.

    Directions for Use
    Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to warm the oil and apply to the body as required.

    Choosing a Carrier or Base Oil
    Each oil has its own characteristics and therapeutic properties, you should select the carrier or base oil depending on the properties and uses you require it for, it is much like choosing an essential oil. Some oils will have a higher viscosity (thickness) than others, different absorbencies or be better at treating certain ailments so it's useful to read about each one to see which is best for you.

    For instance, avocado and wheatgerm oil are excellent for deeply nourishing dry skin however they have a particularly high viscosity, so if you'd like to use them with massage they can be diluted with another oil such as Sweet Almond or Peach Kernel which have a lighter consistency.

    Using with Essential Oils
    Before essential oils can be applied to the skin, they should first be diluted in a base or carrier oil; any essential oils by themselves would be too strong if used neat and can sometimes cause irritation or reactions.

    A recommended amount would be 1 drop of essential oil to every 5mls of carrier/base oil. A 10ml bottle of essential oil would give you approximately 200 drops, so when blending essential oils a general rule is for the dilution to be 2%.

    Other examples: 10ml Base Oil = 5 Drops of Essential Oil, 50ml Base Oil = 25 Drops of Essential Oil.

    Size: 100ml, presented in a brown bottle with an easy to use screw top lid.

    Extra Information: Not Tested on Animals, Manufactured in the UK. (For more information on Natural by Nature Oils, please see below).

    Storage & Expiry
    We recommend keeping your base or carrier oil in a cool place out of direct sunlight and to use them within 12-18 months once they has been opened. Wipe the lip and neck of the bottle clean before sealing the lid, this can help to stop any excess oil from going rancid. Keep out of the reach of children.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Natural by Nature - Essential oils & aromatherapy
    Natural by Nature Oils was established in 1974 and were one of the first companies to promote aromatherapy in the UK. Since then their reputation and expertise in producing high quality essential oils has grown and they are now recognised as one of the leading authorities in this field. Founder, Franzesca Watson is also an author and broadcaster and founded the International School of Aromatherapy in 1991.

    They are against animal testing of any kind on all cosmetic products and their ingredients. They have never tested their products on animals, and do not use any animal derivatives or by-products. All their packaging is 100% recyclable or biodegradable where possible.


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    Pure Avocado Carrier Oil (100ml)
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