Amazonite Crystals and Amazonite Jewellery

The energy of amazonite highlights the need for balance and equilibrium in our lives. Whether the balance is within our male-female energies, yin yang or the need for balancing work and home life, it acts as a useful reminder to take stock and re-assess ourselves. This is especially so when going through sudden life changes, such as marrying, having a baby, moving house or changing jobs, and it's a useful tool to keep at hand.

The stone can effectively be used for chakra work, as it serves well with the throat and heart chakras, allowing healing and offering a soothing and calming energy.

Most amazonite forms as part of granite, or some stones. Geologists originally believed its colour came from copper, but more recently they've said it comes from decaying organic matter, such as leaves and wood. It's named after the Amazon river. Colour is mostly greeny blue, although some can vary from light green to more of a dark emerald shade. Often seen with white streaks running through it.

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