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Angel Stories, Angel Encounters & Angel Visitaton stories

Angel Stories, Angel Encounters & Angel Visitaton stories

Posted by Jacky Newcomb

A young woman was skiing down a ski slope that was new to her. Eager to get going, she missed a sign that would have directed her safely down the hill. As she turned a corner, suddenly a man dressed all in black, stood right in her line of vision and directed her in a different direction. She told me that there was no way to not obey him and she wondered what a man dressed all in black without skis or boots would be doing up on the hill in the middle of nowhere.

His sudden appearance made her fall. And although she was bruised and bumped, she was not seriously hurt. When she looked up to speak to him, she saw that he had disappeared. Not only had he disappeared but there were no tracks in the snow indicating that he had ever been there. When she examined the spot and looked to where she had been headed, she saw that if he had not distracted her when he had, she would have skied right over an outcropping high enough to seriously injure or even kill her. It occurred to her later that this Angel must have worn black so that she would see him clearly against the snow white background of the ski hill.

There was no doubt in her mind after seeing no tracks and the sudden disappearance that he was an angel.

This amazing angel experience is one of many that have been sent to me at my website over the last few months. Descriptions of angelic beings are written into the text of almost every religion, and every culture has its guardian spirits. Do we each have our own personal protector, an angel in our ‘pockets?’

Several years ago, my young daughter suffered a bout of sickness. I was particularly worried about her high temperature because she’d suffered a seizure as a result of a high temperature a few years before. I was exhausted from the constant cleaning up, and decided to make up a temporary bed for her on the bathroom floor surrounded by towels - I’d already run out of spare clean sheets. I honestly didn’t think that I could get out of bed even one more time. What on earth was I going to do, tiredness was taking me over?

I’d already taken an interest in angels and made a recent purchase from my local bookshop on Guardian Angel Encounters. I wondered if we really did have our own guardian angels, and if they might be able to help? In the Angelic realm, I’d read, the angels are not bound by time and space and it was possible for them to be in many places at once! I was feeling confident, and reassured that I wouldn’t be taking the angels away from a more serious need. I had nothing to loose.

No one would hear me in the bathroom if I asked for an angel assistant. I decided to give it a go. In my cross and tired voice, I let out my cry.
"Are you there? If Georgina has a guardian angel can you help me?"
I did feel a little silly but proceeded bravely.
"I am so tired. Can you watch over Georgina and help her to have a restless sleep. Can you help to heal her whilst she is asleep? Can you sit with her all night and watch over her?" I added.

No sooner had I stopped for breath than I heard what I can only describe as Angelic Music! I briefly had a panic, and wondered if I was going crazy! Quickly logic stepped in and I wondered if the music might be coming from outside. I stepped into the bath to open the bathroom window, and stuck my head outside – but there was nothing. Both neighbours were away at the time and our house backed onto open fields. I opened the bathroom door and stood on the landing – nothing. I walked back into the room and the music was still playing. My daughter in the meantime had drifted into a gentle sleep. I had to accept – my request for angelic visitation assistance had been heard. The music was my confirmation. Wow – I’d been visited by angels!

I rushed back into my bedroom to record the incidence in a notebook I keep beside the bed; terrified that by the morning I would have forgotten the whole episode or let my commonsense mind, find another, logical reason for the incident the next morning. But I didn’t forget, and I never have.

Further research suggests that there might well be a difference between the Archangels and messenger angels mentioned in the bible and the personal guardians that we’re each allocated at birth (often called Spirit Guides), although most people wouldn’t distinguish a difference for practical purposes! In fact, there seems to be evidence of thousands and thousands of angels are working on the planet at the moment. If you include our own personal guides within this group, then these guardians number millions!

Are we now able to meet with these angels directly for some higher cosmic reason? There seems to have been an influx of Angel visitation books in recent years. Never have the angels been so busy and more and more people are happy to talk about their angel encounters and angel visitations openly. We are not alone, and if an angel has touched your life, you need no convincing from me!

Some people seem to have the ability to see angels. Shelly told me:

My very favourite place as a child was La Bahia, an old Spanish mission near Goliad. It was in ruins but was preserved as a state park. We used to go there to picnic and spend the day. (The state had built picnic tables under the trees, outside the mission grounds). I loved the old church. Especially, I loved the angel that was there. I never saw its form; it seemed to me like a great cloud of white-gold light. There was a presence, and it talked to me. Meeting the angel was the most wonderful thing in my childhood. It told me who it was. This was the Angel of the Presence. I have seen it since then in prayer and meditation, many times.

Often people just know that an angel is with them, just call it a 6th sense. They feel a peaceful calm surround them in moments of trauma and grief. Angels come to comfort and heal, like my own music story, sometimes arriving just in time! Angels can materialize in dreams but also appear to people whilst fully awake. They arrive in a blaze of glory, showing themselves as room-size figures complete with wings and surrounded by a magnificent white light.

My research contains many human appearing angels who work hard along the roadside, helping regular folks with their broken-down vehicles and flat tires… and then mysteriously disappear when you turn around to thank them. These stories appear so regularly, particularly with lone women drivers, it is as if they are a whole separate group!

Many people have an angel story that seems difficult to explain in any logical way. Information from an unknown source comes from nowhere, and we just hear or see a warning inside our head. Have you ever felt an urgent need to take a different route to work, or a sudden gut feeling to slow down? Is this intuition or angels? Teresa told me about her own experience.

This happened in the fall of 1997. I was on my way home from a night class at 10:30pm, driving along the 401 highway. Out of nowhere, I felt a hand touch my right shoulder, and had a very clear vision. I saw my car lose control and flip over. I saw the accident scene, the next day’s paper, and even my funeral. I saw far into the future and how my family's lives were affected by the tragedy - I even saw my friends talking about me, and how they missed me.

Right away I turned off my music, started to slow my speed to about 80km. Just as I was doing that I heard a very loud BANG, and I started to lose control of my car. Lucky I managed to pull to the side of the road. I couldn't believe what had happened; I think I was in shock! I tried to drive, but there was obviously a problem. I was worried because at that time I didn't have a cell phone, so I just sat there and wondered what I was going to do.

Out of nowhere a tow truck appeared and two very friendly and courteous men hopped out of the car and I told them what had happened. They had a look and explained the problem to me,

"...your drivers side tire has 3 large holes in, did you hit something or run over something? Hmmmm, this is your lucky light, if you’d been driving over 100km your car would have probably flipped over!"

I didn't even have a response for him; I just had chills all over my body! The 2 men hooked my car up to their truck, towed me back to their garage, put on a new tire and charged me half the cost!

Did the angels warn Teresa in advance? Something happened which made her slow down, and although I am not suggesting that the drivers themselves were angels, it sure was a co-incidence that they happened to be at the right place at the right time. Was this all part of the celestial plan? Teresa herself is convinced that she had divine assistance.

This lady wrote to me about the angels who appear to her family, she seemed more surprise to discover that other people don’t see angels too. She told me,

My own angel is your typical angel with shoulder length brown hair and white robes. I first saw her in 1995. Every time she is around if she can make herself seen, I get a distinct ringing in my ears.

My oldest daughter’s angel is about 6-7ft tall and has wavy blonde hair that comes down to his chin. His wings look like swans and the feathers are so soft. He has smiled at me and I felt such a sense of peace that it blew me away totally.

My youngest daughter has a cherub as her angel. Although I feel he is male, it is very difficult to know for sure. I first saw him when my daughter was in hospital and have seen him again several times since.

There is a real sense of peace and harmony in our small two-bedroom flat. Sometimes people are sad to leave. Both of my children say that they see people in their rooms (Although my youngest is only 12 months, she is still able to point at an empty space and laugh and wave at something).

I recently heard that it was quite unusual to have fluent conversations with your angels over a long period of time. So I am very lucky I guess!!!

Do we each have an angel in our pockets? If you’re one of the many hundreds of thousands of people who’ve had an unexplained encounter – you don’t need any convincing from me!


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