Can anyone be Psychic? I had to work for my Psychic ability

Can anyone be Psychic? I had to work for my Psychic ability

Posted by Lynda Archard

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You say you are a fourth generation psychic. What does that mean?

My grandmother talked of psychic things in a way that I thought it was a natural part of life. When I was a schoolgirl she told me about the time she heard her mother calling very clearly to get help for her uncle quickly. She immediately sent my mother to his house. He had collapsed and my mum called an ambulance – it saved his life.

She shrugged as she retold the story and said that later she had realised her mother had died 8 years before. This was followed by story after story of various times that her, her mother and my mother had been given warnings or had known something was about to happen. "If you need help," she said "they will get a message to you."

I waited years and became the first in my family to study everything to do with esoteric arts, spiritualism and religion while I waited. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t do it naturally. I had to learn before anything happened because I was on a slightly different path to my ancestors.

So you had to work hard for the ability you have now?

Yes, and during my study my faith changed. I questioned everything. Some things felt right and other things were wrong. My practical Taurus nature ensured that things must make sense and have a purpose.

To me God exists, but is not a person. How could it be if all things are in God’s image? It must be energy for me to make sense of it and I learned how to tap into the energy to help people. I also learned that it could be misused or backfire. Dabbling is like sticking fingers into a plug socket. If I ignore my ability things go wrong.

For years I met people that I disliked and didn’t know why. I often ignored the feeling and became friends only to find that they had lied about me or stolen something from me later. I soon learned to trust my ability, keeping my faith in what I know to be true and right for me. Some people have different faiths and their faith helps them to trust and accept things in a similar way. I ask too many questions to be inspired by a structured religion and natural energy and its use make sense to me.

I stopped asking questions and all that matters now are the right or wrong of things. I had wasted a lot of time expecting something spectacular to happen when I tried to be clairvoyant.

So why did you take your psychic abilities and start working with them professionally?

As far as my psychic work goes I started working as a psychic to inspire people and to help them take control of their life. A psychic reading can give unbiased guidance, using Tarot for practical advice and clairvoyant vision for hope. Mediumship can give ultimate proof to sceptics of life after death, reassure that a loved one is safe or make someone sit up and listen. When a psychic gives advice people listen. Friends are often seen as having ulterior motives and I am a stranger making practical suggestions to clients without knowing any personal details. No one need say more than yes or no for me to use psychic skills to give advice to improve situations or to tell a client they are wasting time and should move on.

This means I have to be responsible and practical with my advice and explain things carefully and always in a useful way. I believe all of us can improve our life by being more aware of our natural psychic abilities, which is a natural instinct that some of us either don’t use or are scared of because we don’t understand it. It can be daunting if the ability wakens suddenly and we don’t know what it is or how to interpret it.

What do you "see" when you are working in this way?

I thought I would see ghostly shapes enhanced with spectacular lights. I was wrong. A person in spirit is a sensation of someone close and I just know who and what he/she wants. When I hold jewellery (psychometry) or pick up a mediumship message I get pictures in my mind that I can describe in the same way as a memory. Imagine you are trying to remember something that you did last week or a person that you have not seen for years. Close your eyes and picture it in your mind. This is how I get clairvoyance. It is like a memory picture of a situation, that isn’t mine, from the past, present or future and my clients recognise my descriptions.

I did this as a child and had interpreted dreams in the playground when I was as young as seven. I could visualise a dream description and just know what it meant. I had always been psychic naturally and people I met during my study telling me it was a gift from God had made me expect something different.

When I learned to trust my feelings and become more aware of how to see and sense things around me I realised that psychic ability has always been a part of natural living. During Tarot readings anything can happen depending on what needs to be said. I might get a mediumship message from a dead relative, a smell, or a clairvoyant situation to describe. Another reading might be all practical advice via the Tarot. I get what the client needs at the time of the consultation in various ways. And I trust it more than anything.

Can anyone be psychic?

I ran a development circle helping people to study, meditate and use their natural psychic ability for 10 years. I wrote worksheets for students to study at home that later became articles and stories to inspire readers and help answer questions and kill myths. Some students came out of curiosity insisting they were not psychic, just interested. They got thrown in at the deep end.

I gave them jewellery belonging to someone they had not known and told them to close their eyes and talk about what they see. When they are told they are accurate and asked how they knew all that stuff they soon realised that with a bit of practise anyone can use psychic ability. It is not a special gift for the chosen few.

Some psychics choose to specialise in certain esoteric arts but they all need psychic ability of some sort to work well. Some want to give mediumship messages, avoiding things they don’t understand like Tarot cards. I prefer to work with the visual pictures of Tarot and symbolism because I am a visual learner. Every person is different and should try as many methods as possible before specialising. Learning is a life process and you will never stop. Learning to listen and see the energies around all of us can help us use psychic ability for our own survival to improve everyday situations.

Is psychic ability a burden?

It can be if you don’t learn how to use it. We all need to switch off and deal with our own life sometimes. I start work when I shuffle my cards before each reading. I shuffle again at the end to break the connection. You might visualise a cloak falling over your shoulders, a tap being turned off or anything that you make up to signal the start and finish of psychic work. It becomes your personal ritual to help protect you.

Psychics choosing to do counselling have added responsibility. A client must always know that they are in control of their lives, so complete readings are essential. Some wait expecting everything that we told them to just happen. Remember the karmic law? If they need to get a job and work hard to make it happen then tell them to go out and get that job, perhaps with practical advice of where to look if possible. You will also need to know your own symbolism. If you use clairvoyance and see symbols, you need to know what those symbols mean. You can’t tell someone that you can see a bible open at genesis and expect him or her to know it means they should start at the beginning!

So for those who want to develop themselves in a psychic way, what advice would you give? How should they go about this?

First learn to meditate or still the mind by listening to calm music. When you drift into a sort of semi-sleep then you are allowing other things into your mind. You might get a vision of the past or help with a situation you are dealing with now. This will help you to ‘switch off’ during times that you might need to hear your inner voice provide an answer later on.

If you want to try divination there are several ways; tarot is visual and after learning the basics of the card meanings and a way of laying them out you need to forget the books. Lay the cards out and link the first with the next and so on. Read them like a story and keep talking. Ask if you are correct or not but do not encourage conversation or you will lose the plot. The same applies to other forms of divination, read all you can, practise and develop a way that works for you.

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