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Psychic Children & Angel Children - Is your child Psychic?

Psychic Children & Angel Children - Is your child Psychic?

Posted by Jacky Newcomb

There’s a Bee on your Pillow!

“Mummy, Mummy you need to wake up now.” Slowly the young mother turned over in bed, surprised to see her four year old standing in the doorway. “Mike woke me up and told me you need to get out of bed right now.” The young boy insisted. He regularly talked about his invisible friend Mike and spoke of him as if he were a real person.

The mother switched on the light and reassured the young boy he was having a nightmare but he wouldn’t be pacified so the woman got out of bed. “What’s the matter?” she asked calmly.

“Mike says there’s a bee on your pillow!”

“...A what? No there’s nothing there darling, you’re dreaming.”

“Yes there is, pull back the covers and look.”

More to humour her son than anything else she drew back the quilt. No one was more shocked than she to see a bee on the pillow right next to where her head lay just moments before! Mike, the invisible friend had been right; there was a bee on the pillow!

Rational Explanation?

What is the rational explanation for this story? Is there one? It seems unlikely that the word ‘coincidence’ is enough of an explanation.

Back in 2008 I published a whole book of psychic experiences involving children. The name Mike came up a lot. Many children spoke of a Mike or Michael who helped them; sometimes they pointed out the great archangel Michael in statues and paintings, ‘recognising’ their unseen helper as an angel.

There have always been psychic children in the same way that there have always been psychic adults, but certainly in recent years there have been more of them. Some believe that advance beings have come to earth to help us during these difficult times. Our children are these super-beings. Certainly their nature seems to show them as wise and knowing. I’ve come across children who see or hear spirits of the deceased, know and understand things that haven’t happened yet and others who seem to have this direct connection to angels, guides and even God directly.

Some have talked of visits to alien space ships; others have shown talents which sit outside of the regular 5 senses. In China several years ago, various children were tested on their ability to ‘see’ and pick up information using their fingertips or other body parts. They were blindfolded and then had to say what had been written on the paper under their hand. Another experiment included a group of children who were asked to use their mind power to open the buds on a flower – they were successful.

Telepathy or Gut instinct?

Telepathy was common amongst my research; especially with young children. One woman recalled sitting in the chair, her mind wandering as she wished she had her slippers on. Suddenly her toddler got up, walked over to her slippers and brought them to her. This phenomenon can also work the other way; when children are in danger, parents often pick up the signal, maybe a strong urging or gut instinct of a threat, maybe picking up on the child’s feelings or perhaps as an urging from higher spiritual forces.

Sometimes the psychic ability can be fun. Numerous children begin talking about their new baby brother or sister even before mum has undergone a positive pregnancy test. One mum told me that her younger would walk up to random strangers and start passing on information she was picking up from that person’s long dead relative! Embarrassing maybe!

My own granddaughter used to talk about visits she had in the night from ‘the man and the lady’. With no one else in the house my daughter realised this must be some sort of spirit visitation. My granddaughter recognised my own father Ron, (my granddaughter’s great granddad who died before she was born,) from a photograph, so that covered one of the visitors. Aged three she one day told her mother that she had a guardian angel and the angel’s name was May. Co-incidentally the name (or nickname) was the same as that of my own grandmother, Ron’s mother. So maybe we finally had the name of the lady visitor!

My postbag contains numerous stories of grandparents saying goodbye to their young grandchildren as they pass over. They appear as spirits, usually when the child is asleep. The deceased bring extra visual clues during these ‘dream’ visits, sometimes turning up at the ‘front door’, as if calling by on their way to heaven. They might have a ‘car’ waiting behind them or perhaps suitcases in hand, as if they are off on a trip. They reassure the child that they will always watch over them, maybe acting in the role of ‘Guardian Angel’. Other grandparents have just literally flown past the window (with or without wings), waving goodbye on their way to the other side. Parents are always surprised when the child shares their experience the following day, just as they are about to tell the sad news of the passing of a loved one; of course the child already knows.

Many years ago a mother wrote to tell me about her experiences with her psychic daughter Katie. When visitors knocked at the door of their second floor apartment, little Katie always knew who was there before her mum had the chance to open the door. Apparently this phenomenon also worked when the phone rang (useful one might think). Another day Katie announced to her confused mother that their family friend had a ‘baby in her tummy’; Katie was right and was the first to know, even sharing the sex of the baby at this early stage.

Another night the little girl told her mother that their neighbour had been in a car accident but it turned out she hadn’t. Then two nights later the neighbour was in a car crash and the car was completely written off. Many parents, quite rightly are frightened by the phenomenon but there is no need. To the child these abilities are a gift and extra senses offer extra safety and protection for the child, whether the information comes from angels or guides, deceased relatives or from somewhere inside of themselves.

Signs of a Psychic Child

Some of these ‘signs’ are also relevant to children without psychic ability, there are also signs not included in this list but if you can check off a number of these pointers your child may certainly have extrasensory abilities.

- Your child insists on laying an extra place at the table, hold’s doors open for an invisible friend and leaves gaps for ‘someone’ to answer when having a conversation. They might get cross with you if you ‘sit’ on their ‘friend’!
- Will tell you things you didn’t know about in advance (precognition or predictions); future events
- Will tell you about ‘visitors’ they had in the night (deceased relatives, their angel or their invisible/’make believe’ friend)
- Takes a special interest in crystals and mystical things
- Spends a lot of time in nature
- Seems very sensitive to the feelings of others
- Get’s easily upset if animals, people or plants get hurt or harmed
- Struggle in the traditional school system even though they are bright and intelligent
- Connects very easily with animals and animals are drawn to them
- May suffer allergies or intolerances
- Are very nurturing, loving and giving
- May be slow in speaking (because they are sending and receiving information in other ways?)
- Have a strong interest in green issues
- Are often surrounded by orbs or flashes of light in photographs
- Seem very wise and knowledgeable
- Creative, empathic and spiritual
- Paranormal phenomenon happens to them or when they are around
- Talk about where they lived or who they were before they came to Earth
- May have large or expressive eyes
- Suffer sleep problems (this may be the result of other non-related things too)
- Talk about strange concepts which seem beyond their age (scientific, spiritual and biological information)
- Hand out advice to adults (and they are right!)

You may have noticed other things but these are some of the more common ones. My post bag is often filled with questions about how to cope with psychic children and my answer is, as normally as possible! Let your child talk and ask questions when they want to. If they are ok about the phenomenon and they think you are ok about it then you are unlikely to have problems.

Questions and Answers

It’s important your child feels in control and empowered by the phenomenon. Here are a few questions and answers from my post bag.

Q. My child is regularly woken in the night by spirits who want to talk to her. It makes her tired when she has school the next day. What can I do?
A. At bedtime, you yourself can speak in the bedroom. Say out loud to ‘the visitors’, “Thank you for visiting [child name] but we ask you not to call on a school night.” Decide what is appropriate and get the child to speak to them too. This really works! Be calm and confident about it.

Q. My child is frightened of the dark and says a voice speaks to her when she is in bed. Help!
A. Together select a picture of a guardian angel and hang it in her room. If she prefers she can draw a picture of an angel (have fun with it and use stickers and glitter etc). Frame it above the bed and remind her each night that the angel is watching over her and keeping her safe.

Q. Recently I was out with my son when he began talking about when he was big and I was small; and he was my Dad and I was his son! When I tried to explain that this had never happened he was quite insistent. What is going on?
A. Children all over the world have spoken about ‘past lives’ they’ve live as other people in different bodies. Much research has been done in this area with some children remembering great detail of these previous lives (names, locations and personal details). I personally believe that we live

many lives and in fact around a third of the world population believes in reincarnation. There is nothing to worry about. Reassure yourself by reading up about the phenomenon in case your son should ask you questions about it.

General Advice

As the parent or carer of a psychic child, the more information you have to hand the better. My own book may help you (‘Angel Kids’, published by Hay House); choose a book which feels right for you. Ask around your friends; you’d be surprised at how many parents have similar experiences or know someone who has.

Always stay calm and confident (even if you don’t feel like you are). If you treat the experiences as normal (for them) then the child will deal with it better too. Not everyone will be interested or believe them and it’s always worth a chat about that too. If your child is school age they might prefer not to discuss their experiences with other children. Or if you are worried that the phenomenon may be disruptive in school, make sure you discuss it with the teachers. Many teaching staff will have come across the phenomenon in school; hopefully someone in the school will have experience!

If your child wants to talk about it, you can ask questions casually (don’t frighten them off by being too pushy!) I always recorded my own children’s experiences in a notebook for future reference. It makes fascinating reading in later years!

Find ways of empowering your child. Let them know that they can ask the spirits not to speak to them during lessons at school for example. They can decide. If children are frightened you can do all sorts of things to help. Rituals at home (talking about how angels protect them and naming their ‘angel’ can be helpful), saying angel prayers at bedtime. You can also get the child to select a crystal to ‘protect’ themselves (let the child choose their own). You can buy these on the internet or rock and crystal shops or mind body and spirit festivals. Maybe buy a couple; you can often buy them for less than a pound. They can hang the crystal on the end of the bed by placing it in a net bag or pop it under the pillow (make sure the size is appropriate for the age of the child). Or during their home time, an angel pin on a coat jacket or other piece of angel jewellery may also be appropriate.

Enjoy your unique and special child!


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