Healing Power of Sound by Jeanne White Eagle

Healing Power of Sound by Jeanne White Eagle

Posted by Jeanne White Eagle (Jeanne Lane Pehrson)

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Consider that everything we perceive to exist is vibration…

the simplest thought, the wind, a laugh, a table, a chair, a speck of dust…that all we perceive to have existence is vibration.

Consider that vibration is sound …
that sound is music.

Think of it, then…
the possibility that everything we perceive to exist is fundamentally a song… the leaf of a tree, the tree itself. Even you. You are a song! A living, breathing, moving, speaking, singing song! Everything about you is a song!

Sound strange? Let me continue...
When I met Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow in 1995 I was reminded of what I had long forgotten…that I, that we, come from "between the slices of light." Each of us has been sung into existence. Joseph’s people of the Ute and Picuris tribes teach this, those of my own Cherokee heritage teach this, the Australian Aborigine teach this, the Mayan elders teach this, as do so many other of our indigenous relatives…"We sing our world into existence."

In 1983, Joseph was told in vision to create Peace/Sound Chambers around the world, sacred kiva-like structures into which people might go to sing for world peace. It was in these Chambers that I learned the power of singing the ancient sounds of the directions.

In an extraordinary vision, in 1996, I was shown that when we sing the sounds of the directions, allowing them to flow spontaneously, we create vibrations that change us all, that help us all remember who we really are and where we come from.

The idea is that when we sing spontaneous songs with the ancient sounds of the directions – ah, eh, ee, oh, oo – we are able to ride the sounds like a magic carpet "back" to the point of creation…back to the original vibration from which all comes…And from this place we can create anything …new worlds, a healthy body…even a planet of peace.

In 1998, living in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, in one week, I had three dreams… With the first, I was standing before some 40,000 people in a stadium, teaching them to sing spontaneously, each person singing who he or she was. You would think the sound would be chaos. It was! But, what happens when you leave something in chaos long enough? The law of physics says it will find its way to order…and in this case, to harmony. In the dream, I could hear what would happen. The mass of voices did find their way to harmony. It was the sound of the heavens opening up. It was indescribably beautiful!

The second dream was similar. I was standing on a stage in an auditorium seated with hundreds of people…again, teaching them to sing in this sacred way. The impact was overwhelming in its power and beauty.

Then came the third dream. I was standing in the United Nations. I had asked each of the delegates, representing countries from all over the world, to stand and sing who they were. Note: when one sings the sounds of the directions, allowing the self to go into "no mind" or "between the slices of light," the ego is not involved. Thus, when the UN delegates began to create spontaneously, from an ego less state, I heard a miracle. I heard the sound of Peace. I heard the sound of an entire planet that was remembering who it was. It was the vibration of absolute truth…the remembrance that there is only one person here and that all there is, is love.

If this whole concept sounds impractical or unbelievable, try it yourself. Create your own songs. Above all, don’t think! Start with the building blocks of "ah, eh, ee, oh, oo," in whatever order they naturally want to come. Then, observe. None of this is complicated. It simply takes the willingness to let go and allow.

My husband, John Pehrson, and I have traveled the world giving Peace Concerts, teaching workshops and seminars, encouraging people to sing who they are...moving beyond ego into a state of pure spontaneity. We have watched miracles unfold before our eyes. We have been in war zones and seen, firsthand, the impact of the power of spontaneous sound...the singing of Peace into the land.

Indigenous peoples have done this for centuries. It is in all of us to sing in this sacred way. It’s just that most of us have forgotten. It’s time now to remember.

I leave you with two pieces of homework. First: Create a song everyday. Do this, even if it is just for a few seconds. What this does is place you in a space of total awareness, in an ego less state...where you remember that you are the sacred "hollow bone" through which Spirit blows the breath of life. In those few seconds you will experience direct communion between you and Spirit. The more you do this, the easier it is to live and operate from this state of awareness.

Second: Love what is in front of you in this given moment. Everything else will take care of itself. Love what is in front of you just this moment, then move to the next moment doing the same, then onto the next and so on and so on. This is really so simple...though may not always be easy. Do it, though. Trust your ability to love in the present moment.


Consider the possibility that there is only one person here. Consider the possibility that all there is, is love. Perhaps it is this that we have forgotten. Perhaps this is what we are to remember. And so it is here...It is to this sacred remembering place that the singing takes us...bringing us home. Bringing us to the place from which we all come... from "between the slices of light."

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