Our Natural Instincts help us Develop our Psychic Abilities

Our Natural Instincts help us Develop our Psychic Abilities

Posted by Lynda Archard

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Reconnecting to our Natural Instinct

In ancient times humans had a natural awareness likened to that of all wild creatures. The ability to sense danger or to use instinct slowly became obsolete to the majority of humans while we came to rely on other sources of information.

If we want to know the weather we watch the TV weather report instead of observing the subtle atmospheric changes outside our houses. We rely on technical equipment and science to do these things for us. In ancient times our awareness was much stronger when it had to be used. Fisherman, hunters and communities such as the North American Indians lived outside and had to take notice of insects, plants and other natural occurrences to predict approaching danger, sense wild animals in search of food and trusted their instinct to survive and make correct choices. We all have the ability to sense what is around us if we learn to listen and see more than what is obvious to our most common senses. Our natural instinct is to survive and live the best way for each of us. Being in touch with our inner guide is more important during times of stress, illness and especially bereavement to help us to cope.

Some people can sense the subtle energies easily; bones ache before a storm or headaches prove changes in climate or that something is about to happen that will later affect us. Some want proof of life-after-death or like to think someone somewhere can help to guide us in the right direction. Developing psychic ability is natural and a way to understand what we are really capable of to give us inspiration, confidence and a purpose in life. It helps us change wrong things and accept what we cannot change now to make things more bearable if we have a tough life to live until we can change things.

Meditate to still the mind

First we need to listen and sense things. Meditation and contemplation is a good way to still the mind and allow the more subtle things to be heard or seen. You can visualise a protective symbol such as a cross, pentacle or an animal or wear a necklace with a crystal before you begin if you want to. It can be difficult to concentrate at first so you can use things to help. Listen to calming music and concentrate on individual instruments or stare at an object on your table then close your eyes and recreate it in your mind. Imagine a rose as a bud and make it open very slowly in your mind. Really see the petals opening. Use your imagination until you drift into a relaxed semi-sleep.

After practise it becomes easier to ‘switch off’ and listen. Your inner voice will sometimes take over and answer questions that you have recently asked, give you ideas to create a better environment for yourself and you will sense who is around you and more subtle feelings of what is to happen in the future. When your mind is blank anything can happen in various ways. If you visualise a past event then it could be a reminding you that you have coped before, perhaps it is relevant to your current situation in some way. If you see a person that person might be able to help you if you speak to them. Use your gut feelings to know why you had that vision.

If you find it difficult to relax then you might prefer ‘path working’ or guided meditation. There are books available with these meditations so another person can read it to you while you close your eyes and follow it in your mind. This is a form of advanced meditation and a form of control that requires you to do as you are told so there must be trust between you and the reader, especially if they are making up a story for you. If they say you are walking past rocks on your left then you should not have allowed your mind to wander into a place where you see trees or a sweet shop and you might need to ‘change’ what you are seeing. Within a few minutes you will be in what is similar to a hypnotic state in the place you have been told to go. The reader might describe a path leading to a wood or a beach with a table and some items on it that are special to you. What you see is individual to you and after ten minutes or so the reader will talk you through the same path to where you started. If this is done too fast you can feel shaky or sick, open your eyes when you are ready.

In a group everyone might ‘see’ something different and each should interpret what is seen as best they can. Keeping an esoteric diary of your development will help. Write the date, weather, moon phase, colours that you wear, your mood and who you meet that day. After a while you will discover more about yourself. I kept one for my writing habits and discovered that I wrote complete stories and articles when the moon was full, started pieces of writing after the new moon and the colours, weather and people around me affected the subjects I chose to write about and effected the way I made it sound when reading it again.

Understanding what you see

Symbolism is important during inner development and looking at things psychically. There are universal symbols such as hand gestures and things we know the meaning of because we grew up with them such as the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Your symbolism might be slightly different in the way you interpret it. If I see cats in my mind I know I am protected. If you are scared of cats then it might mean danger to you. A black cat is symbolic of good luck in the UK and bad luck in the US. If you see something that makes you uncomfortable then visualise your protective symbol and after ask yourself why you were uncomfortable. Try to understand why you were uncomfortable. Generally the symbols you see in meditation will help you understand what you relate to spiritually and is a separate subject.

When you have trained the mind to see and hear more around you and you can sense natural energy you can begin to sense other guides, feelings and messages attached to other people. After developing to this level you might want to try divination such as tarot, crystals, runes or psychometry. Learn all you can about each technique and try it. Psychometry is holding an object belonging to your client and requires faith for you to trust your inner feelings and what you see or hear. Say what you get at the time and ask if it means anything to the owner of that item. Remember it is not a message for you and you must help your client understand possible meanings if they cannot place what you have said. Practise and practise until you trust in what you do. Your inner guide is a part of you and always around when you need it. If you act on a hunch or gut feeling it is always the right path to take. There is nothing logical about it. Logic comes in the actions that we take after being inspired or advised.

We are all different in what we do, whom we associate with and the way we learn. Psychic development on your own can be hard work so you might want to find a development group with like-minded people. Sometimes this will be a group of friends studying together, a one-to-one tutor or a circle at your local spiritualist church. Groups are all different and if you feel uncomfortable in one then you should find another. Trust your inner guide to protect you and guide you onto the right path in your search for enlightenment. As I said before, it is part of you and won’t let you down.

The golden rule: If it feels right it is right and if it feels wrong it is wrong!

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