How to pick the Crystal Jewellery that is right for you

How to pick the Crystal Jewellery that is right for you

Posted by Jacky Newcomb

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Never has there been such an exciting array of crystal jewellery available for sale. Earring, rings, bracelets and pendants – rounded cabochon’s, stones cut in the style of precious gems and probably the most popular, gems’ in their pure, unfinished state.

Crystal has never been more popular as jewellery but as well as the more fashionable use, crystals have metaphysical properties which crystal healers believe can aid in everything from balancing and grounding, to channelling and healing. Some stones have singular abilities where as others, such as clear quartz have many uses.

The style and setting of crystal jewellery is purely one of personal taste and does not affect the individual properties of each crystal – although some people believe that the raw stones, touching the skin affect the stones ability to work faster I do not believe this to be the case.

Crystals work on a subtle vibration and those waves of energy will reach the close proximity of the physical body without too much trouble! The human body works with energy the same as electronic equipment might – we don’t question the use of quartz to help keep our watches working or as an important component of our computers!

Crystal Properties – some suggestions:
AmberOrange/yellowStrictly speaking not a crystal at all but a fossil tree resin! Said to have self-healing properties and works on the nervous system.
VioletA good all-round healing stone and useful in meditation
Blue Lace AgatePale blue Banded quartzuseful for calming
CarnelianOrangeWarmth and energising – great healing stone
CitrineYellowAids memory – useful for studying and creativity
Clear QuartzClear/whiteAids psychic ability/good healing stone also useful in meditation
JasperOrange/RedIncreases energy and activates other stones
Lapis LazuliDeep blueoften specked with iron pyrites. Good stress-buster
MoonstoneMilk with luminescenceA powerful crystal, popular with woman - said to work with the energy of the moon and the woman’s cycle
Moss AgateGreenSuggested uses include assisting breathing difficulties. Opens up to natural Earth energies
PeridotBright GreenCleansing and clearing – particularly useful on the energy body
Rose Quartz
PinkRepresents unconditional love – a calming and healing stone
Smokey QuartzBlack / greyPerfect grounding stone – including the same properties as clear quartz but in a more gentle form. Useful for meditating
Snowflake ObsidianBlack with ‘snowflake’ white markingsThis Volcanic glass has the ability of bringing imbalances to the surface. (So that other stones can clear them)
SodaliteDeep shiny blueLooks a little like Lapis Lazuli. Calming and aids downloading of new information!
Tigers EyeBanded browns, gold’s and redsIdeal balancing stone for teenagers. Works on the subtle energies
TurquoiseTurquoise!This stones is a traditional protection crystal. It is said to work on all levels of the ‘subtle body.’

Wearing crystals as jewellery makes it easy to bring the properties of the crystal into the energy of the human body – although carrying bags of tumbled stones may work for some people!

Placement of crystals might be a deciding factor.

  • Multi-coloured chakra necklaces, bracelets and rings are believed to be useful for balancing all the energy centres of the body.
  • You might be able to speed up the healing of a sore throat for example by wearing a blue crystal (the colour of the throat-chakra) in this area.
  • How about working on a ‘broken-heart’ with the loving energy of a rose quartz crystal pendant close to the heart area?
  • The purple stone amethyst might work for you as earrings – to assist in opening up the ‘third eye/psychic centre’ (the third eye chakra is usually pictured as either indigo or purple).

Choosing crystal jewellery

The vibration of each human body will vary from person to person – even within each person the vibration will vary throughout the day, depending on thoughts, feelings and the general health of a person.

Most crystal experts will agree to general properties of each stone but ultimately, the wearer is the expert on their own jewellery. YOU are the best person to decide which crystal is right for YOU at any given time! Trust your instincts!

Ideas for picking your jewellery

  • ‘Gut Instinct’ is always a good way to pick anything! Does a particular item stand out? Does something appear to sparkle or glow more than other items on display? Does it make you feel excited?
  • Body shapes/personality types – Small body size might work better with small pieces for example – but if you have a BIG personality then bigger will be better…for you!
  • Sensing – Can’t decide between two pieces of jewellery? Close your eyes and see which one feels right. Distance is no object for this one, so perfect for buying over the internet!
  • Vibrational qualities - Look at the traditional properties of each piece and see if there is a healing or psychic need which they can fulfil.
  • Birth stones – Look at stones for your birth sign or birth month. Here are some examples – but do not take this as a definitive list, just use it as a general guideline.
Birth MonthSuggested Stones
JanuaryClear Quartz, Garnet
FebruaryAmethyst, Jasper
MarchAquamarine, Bloodstone
AprilRuby, Garnet
MayEmerald, Amber
JuneTopaz, Agate
JulyMoonstone, White Agate
AugustCarnelian, Jasper
SeptemberPeridot, Citrine
OctoberOpal, Turquoise
NovemberTopaz, Lapis Lazuli
DecemberPeridot, Jacinth

Star SignSuggested Stones
AquariusJade, Amethyst, Turquoise, Garnet
PiscesAmethyst, Turquoise, Quartz, Aquamarine
AriesJasper, Aquamarine, Jasper, Bloodstone
TaurusRose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Topaz, Tigers Eye
GeminiCitrine, Tigers Eye, Moonstone, Calcite
CancerMoonstone, Amber, Ruby, Clear Quartz
LeoClear Quartz, Sunstone, Topaz, Turquoise
VirgoSodalite, Peridot, Moonstone, Carnelian
LibraLapis Lazuli, Aventurine, Topaz, Opal
ScorpioAquamarine, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, Turquoise
SagittariusBlue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Garnet, Topaz
CapricornRuby, Clear Quartz, Jet, Black Tourmaline

Cleansing and clearing

As with all crystals used for magical purposes, it is useful, (and some would say imperative), to cleanse and clear them on a regular basis to prevent the build up of ‘unwanted energies’. This is a simple process, but at the very least you may want to keep them physically clean so that they always look their best.

Propriety cleaners might be damaging to your stones so always avoid them. Most jewellery will benefit from running under a cold water tap (or if you are a traditionalist – then a mountain stream or mineral water). You can dry them off using a soft ‘lint-free’ cloth or just leave them to dry naturally outside.

You can ‘programme’ your jewellery for specific purposes or particular uses by holding them immediately (after cleansing) in a gentle meditation and wishing (or willing) your purpose into the stone. Thoughts have power! I ask this stone for its specific help in healing my body or maybe I dedicate this stone for the love and wellbeing of my body, or whatever positive purpose you wish!

Some people like to leave their crystal jewellery (as they would their healing crystals) out in the moonlight or sunlight to ‘re-charge’ them. Be careful to ensure that they are safe from theft!

If you work with a healing system such as Reiki you can even use your symbols over the jewellery to cleanse and clear them ready for use!

With care, your crystal jewellery should give you many years of pleasure. Just remember a crystal is ‘not just a pretty face!’

Remember, if in doubt – follow your own natural, psychic intuition!

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