Selenite Pencil Wand (approx 5 1/2 Inches Long)

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These selenite pencil wands are 5 and a half inches long (about 14cm) - You have the option of a wider pencil wand, or a slim pencil wand.

We call these pencil wands, because they can be held like a pencil, or in the palm of your hand.

Please Note: As with all selenite, you will see markings on the surface that can look a bit like they are flaws, but when you touch the mark you feel it is perfectly smooth, hence just part of the crystal make up. As selenite is such a brittle crystal, you will need to be very careful with the point; in general the points can be smoothed off a bit to help avoid the point becoming broken easily.

Wide Size: The diameter can vary slightly but is roughly about 1.5-2cm across - sometimes this can be a little less or a little more.

Slim Size: Again, the diameter can vary slightly but they are roughly half an inch wide (just under 1 1/2 cm)

What Holisticshop staff think

"Selenite wands are one of the classic tools used to clear the aura of negativity and bring in a divine influence. (Some use them to assist in detaching entities). They can be waved around the whole body without touching it. Or with this pointed selenite wand you can be more focussed in how you direct this energy than with the selenite wands that are rounded each end. Selenite does have marks and characteristics within the crystal but on the surface is very smooth."

By Brett Almond

Dictionary Terms Explained

Selenite - Spirituality, clarity, cleansing
Selenite is a crystallised form of gypsum and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, varying considerably in colour. It is a soft and very fragile crystal and is formed on Salt Plains, about two feet below the surface.

The energy of all colours and forms of selenite promote a feeling of spirituality and encourage connection with the divine. Selenite has a gentle and fine vibration is often associated with opening up the crown chakra and also accessing angelic consciousness. Larger pieces of selenite can be placed in your home to help bring peace and divine influences. Some people use selenite as a tool when accessing past life material or for use when meditating.

The clear form of the crystal, in particular, represents clarity, reminding us to aim to think clearly and without prejudice.

Note: be careful if you cleanse selenite as, although some contact with water is okay, it's a soft mineral and could deteriorate if left in water for long periods of time.

Crystal Wands - Healing tool
Wands are good to hold when we need focus or clarity. Wands are also used in crystal healing to direct healing energy. The type of crystal you choose will also bring that particular crystal's properties. A wand pointed away from the body will tend to draw energy away and a wand or point pointed towards the body will tend to channel energy in. "Universal energy" rather than your own energy is focussed down the wand and through the point.

Massage wands is the name often used for cut wands that are polished and have a point at one end and is rounded at the other. This rounded end can be used to gently massage sensitive spots on the body while the pointed end can be used in healing.
Laser wands are so called because they focus the energy into a laser type concentration at the tip of the wand. They are natural (not carved) often smaller wands used to direct energy in healing and can have very specific uses in healing such a energetic "surgery", cutting away of negativity and even entities.

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Selenite Pencil Wand (approx 5 1/2 Inches Long)
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5 out of 5 By
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I am very pleased with the Selenite wand that I received from the Holistic shop. I've been looking for one for some months now and have been to quite a few different shops, but found nothing that appealed to me - or grabbed me. I kept getting 'Holistic Shop', so decided to trust and put in an order, albeit a little concerned because I was feeling quite specific about what would be right as a crystal therapist using it to remove any negativity from the aura of clients, it has a special mission! I asked when I placed my order if the Holistic Shop would tune in to find the right one for me. The perfect wand arrived and I am so happy with it. There are no chips on it, so it is very smooth (selenite can chip and damage easily) and there are even some rainbows in it, which Anne who chose it for me, and I, have not seen in selenite before. Thanks for a very special wand!
5 out of 5 By
Thank you for such prompt delivery, I ordered this wand and it arrived the next day :)
It is lovely, exactly what I need. Thank you

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