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The Tenth Insight by James Redfield

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Information: 236 pages, paperback

They say: Millions have experienced the nine insights ofThe Celestine Prophecy and glimpsed the emerging world view that it describes. Inspired by this book, individuals across the world have opened up to the experience of guiding coincidences in their lives, and to a new sense of personal dignity and mission. Now, a new insight is emerging... The Tenth Insight. The Tenth Insight will take you on a journey into other dimensions... to memories of past experiences and other countries...to the moment before our conception and the birth vision we all experience...to the passage of death and the life review we must all face...to the self-imposed isolation of hell, where fearful souls resist awakening...and the love-filled Afterlife dimension where the knowledge of human destiny is guarded and held. And, back on Earth, you will see the fear of the future that is endangering Earth's spiritual renaissance, and you will struggle to overcome this fear by exploring the nature of intuition, synchronicity and visualization.

As you grasp The Tenth Insight your memories will expand to include an understanding of the long expanse of human history and the special mission that we all share to bring humanity to answer, as never before, the unspoken questions that loom over all of human experience and in every human heart: Why are we here? What are we to do? Where are we going? Again, with words that resonate with our deepest intuitions and illuminate both the world outside us and within us, James Redfield offers us all a unique, revelatory and ultimately joyful vision of human spirituality. One that could change your life - and perhaps the world.

'In another spellbinding adventure tale, a worthy sequel to his Celestine masterpiece, James Redfield packs thrills, suspense, and spiritual wisdom into a book you cannot put down - You must read The Tenth Insight!' Brian Weiss, MD, author of Only Love is Real and Many Lives, Many Masters

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The Tenth Insight - James Redfield
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This sequel to The Celestine Prophecy is, unsurprisingly, an international bestseller. Redfield really created a new genre, the conveying of spiritual wisdom by means of an adventure story. The first book was enjoyable in its own right, but, with the reflections underpinning the story also, Redfield had produced a real masterpiece. The big question for me was, could the writer repeat that trick with a sequel? In my view, he has certainly succeeded. In some ways, this book is better because the story is not so contrived or complex as the first.

For readers of Celestine this book is a must read. It rounds off Redfield’s ideas nicely. It continues the suspense, the adventure, and the development of thought. How I wish that other spiritual works could be wrapped up in such easy to understand allegory and metaphor.

For those who have not read Celestine, this book could prove a little difficult to follow. My advice would be to shelve it and read Celestine first. You will wish to get on to The Tenth Insight straight away. For lovers of great literature, this book may not seem like a great work of art. There is no development of character, no clear insight into who the main protagonists are, no purple descriptive prose. But this is a new kind of fiction. It is a sort of animated teaching. The suspense is certainly there. Each chapter ends with a hint of what could be. I read the book quickly because I wanted to know what was to be learned and revealed.

This book will not appeal to everybody. But for those who want their own lives to be an adventure of spiritual discovery then this book will surely be recognised for the masterpiece that it is.

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