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Synchro Destiny by Deepak Chopra

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Information: 293 pages, paperback

They say: Would you recognize a miracle if you saw it?

Dr Deepak Chopra, the best-selling pioneer in mind/body medicine, shows how coincidences are messages about the miraculous potential of each moment. He reveals how, through understanding the forces that shape coincidences, you can learn to live at a deeper level and access the flow of synchronicity that lies at the heart of existence. You can start to transform your life through full-contact living, in which all things will be within your reach.


. That there's no such thing as a meaningless coincidence
. The seven principles of synchro-destiny
. Practical techniques for applying those principles

The seeds of a perfect destiny lie within you. This remarkable book will show you how to release their potential and live a life more wondrous than dreams.

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Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra, MD is a globally renowned expert in mind-body healing. He’s a prolific author, having written over 55 books on topics such as mind-body health, spirituality, peach and quantum mechanics and many of them have been best-sellers.

His books have been published worldwide in over 85 languages, with Peace Is The Way, winning a prestigious Quill Award and The Book of Secrets being awarded the top prize in the 2005 Nautilus Book Awards.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak has a medical background and received his medical degree from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He also worked as chief of staff at the Boston Regional Medical Centre.

In addition to writing books, he founded the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing in 1996, along with David Simon, MD. The centre is located in Carlsbad, California and aims to help people experience physical healing, emotional freedom and higher states of consciousness. The centre runs a variety of courses, training programmes and retreats and blends Eastern and Western medicine. One of the best known, and original programmes, is Perfect Health, which helps people increase and maintain a sense of wellbeing.

Deepak hosts a weekly Wellness Radio programme on Sirius/XM Stars and is an impressive speaker and presenter. In between all this, he somehow finds time to write a column for the San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post and contributes regularly to a number of other publications too.

Deepak has been lecturing for the Update in Internal Medicine event for over 10 years, is a fellow for the American College of Physicians, a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and a senior scientist with the Gallup Organisation.

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Synchro Destiny - Deepak Chopra
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I was really excited about this book and couldn't wait to start reading. I wasn't disappointed. "Would you recognise a miracle if you saw one?", was the question posed by Deepak Chopra. For many of us, it would have to be pretty big to be classed as a "miracle". However, life is full of miracles if we only look for them. I know from personal experience, little things have happened in life and I've put them down to coincidence, but these incidents are actually what are known as synchronicities. Little things that when we look back on them really DO shape our lives. It's funny, but as soon as you start paying attention, these synchronicities seem to crop up all the time.

Synchro Destiny is all about these little coincidences and explains what they are and how we can encourage them to happen more often.

The book is divided into two sections. The first section is fairly scientific, and possibly a little difficult to grasp. I would advise you to stick with it though, because even though it IS hard to grasp, it is also very exciting. It really does leave you with a sense of "anything is possible". The fact that it is scientifically proven just makes it all the more exciting.

The second section is divided into seven principles. Each principle has a meditation section and some exercises designed to help you on your path of Synchro Destiny. You work through each principle on consecutive days of the week. Once you have completed all seven principles, you begin again at the first principle and so on.

Even if you don't intend to work through the seven principles discussed in this book, I would still have no hesitation in recommending it. It......more
5 out of 5 By
Having heard the name Deepak Chopra banded around alot, I thoguht this was going to be a book written for those quite spiritually advanced and filled with almost cliched affrimations. I was wrong. This book is brilliant. It is the first of Dr Chopra's books that I have read and whilst concepts that may not be easy to grasp easily and immediately are addressed, they are explained in such a good way that it does not take long to understand them. I certainly now know why Dr Chopra is world renound. So thank you for sharing your understanding of the Universe.

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