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A New Light on Angels (Book) by Diana Cooper

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Information: 130 pages, paperback

Completely revised, updated and expanded edition of the bestselling "A Little Light on Angels" with new original colour illustrations by Damian Keenan

Back of book says: “I believe in angels” is the title of a well-known song – but do we really? With this book, we meet everyday folks who have experienced angels in their lives. Yes, angels do exist: they are highly evolved beings that have a lighter and faster vibration than humans, and are normally invisible to us. However, many of them have chosen to serve mankind and are available to help, support, heal and guide us – all we have to do is ask! There are small angels who care for the little daily tasks and enormous beings that overlight great universal projects. There are angels who can assist in healing and other who attend celebrations and rituals.

With close to 50% new materials including new stories, new visualizations and new information on Archangels, this edition of A New Light on Angels gives us guidance on how we can call on them for help and companionship in our lives. We are surrounded by angels, all we have to do is raise our consciousness to become aware of them and communicate with them, to welcome them into our lives and allow the joy, light and peace of their presence into our hearts.

“This whole matter of dealing with angels is far more business-like than the unitiated might think, and it is not just about peace, healing and a healthy aura. Angels can also be called upon to solve practical problems, and there is even an angel of parking spaces.”
—Ronald White, The Sunday Times

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Diana Cooper
Diana Cooper had an angel visitation many years ago and this changed her life. Later the angels reappeared and asked her to tell the world about them. Since then she has travelled world wide, spreading their light and wisdom. She is now an international author of many best-selling books, divination and angel cards and meditation CDs. She is principal of the Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension which organzies Angel Awareness Day and offers certified teaching courses. She travels worldwide spreading illumination and higher wisdom.

Diana Cooper

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A New Light on Angels (Book) - Diana Cooper
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This is an excellent book; easy to read including some novel concepts which some readers may find challenge their existing knowledge/beliefs regarding angels (for example, that angels have never touched the earth in human form and were created purely as angels prior to human creation). The majority of the book is fair-paced and easy on the eye, consisting of many examples of angel interactions which have been sent to Diana by members of the public. More studious topics can be found at the end of the book, with chapters on the Angel Heirarchy, Dark Angels, and Angels from the Bible for example.

There is an excellent chapter at the end of the book which gives suggestions for meditations and how to connect with angels. These exercises are entitled ‘To Meet your Angel’; ‘To Cleanse and Heal your Heart’; ‘To meet the Lords of Karma’; ‘To bring higher qualities into your life’; ‘To Release Fears’; ‘To increase self-worth and confidence’; ‘Freedom from attachment’; ‘To heal your inner child’; ‘To Heal your Ancestors’.

Whilst the 128 page book could probably be read by most people in a day or over a weekend (a four-hour train journey gave me sufficient time to read almost all the book at a gentle pace), the exercises at the end offer plenty of opportunity for further enjoyment and study once the book has been completed. Excellent value at its current price of under Ł7, and highly recommended.

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