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Flower Essences for Well-Being by Barbara Olive

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Flower Essences for Well-Being by Barbara Olive

Energetic Healing for Health and Harmony. Learn the healing properties of over 150 plants with this beautifully illustrated guide to flower and tree essences.

About the Book
Flower essences are natural remedies that heal by rebalancing mind, body and spirit. Made by floating flowers in spring water in the light of the sun or moon, essences work by raising our vibrational energy to the perfect pitch of a flower. Taking a flower essence is like making your body hum to the tune of nature.

Flower Essences for Well-being, by healer and flower essence pioneer Barbara Olive, profiles more than 150 readily available flower and tree essences and explains how using them is so simple – placing a few drops under the tongue or in a bath, or misting your personal space, is all you need do to begin your journey towards better health. The A to Z Symptom Finder, based on Barbara’s extensive practical experience, features a host of flower essences for both physical and emotional healing.

With this beautiful guide, you will benefit from the perfect energy at the heart of every flower.

On the Back of the Book
Tune into the healing power of flowers.

  • Includes an A to Z Symptom Finder - a directory of over 150 ailments, from anxiety to headaches, insomnia to weight issues.
  • Profiles of more than 150 flower essences, all readily available
  • Contains essence recommendations for adults, children, and animals.

    Total Pages: 144 (Paperback)

    About the Author
    Barbara Olive is a pioneer in the field of flower-essence healing. She advised hundreds of clients each year at Essence World, the clinic and shop she founded in Eton, England. She is the director of BodyLink Essences, her own essence brand, and pioneered Intuits™, a system that helps a client intuitively select essences. Barbara often makes personalized flower-essence prescriptions or, as she describes her remedies, ‘liquid vibrational medicine’. She now lives in Sydney, Australia.

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    Flower Essences for Well-Being by Barbara Olive
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