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Large Eight Pointed Star Pendant (Sterling Silver)

    Product Information

    Manufacturer: Peter Stone
    Dimensions: Diameter 28 mm across
    Weight: 5.85 grams
    Other information: Made from solid sterling silver. Silver chains available separately.

    We say: Due to the increased number of points this weighs a third or more than the large pentagram and septagram but all three are fairly similar in size though. Good quality polished finish as always with Peter Stone jewellery.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Eight pointed star - Change, regeneration, abundance
    Each of the points on this star represent the eight seasonal rituals observed by pagans, with the key factors being change, regeneration and abundance.

    Imbolc (or Oimelc / Brigid's Feast) - celebrated around February 1st, it's a time to celebrate the earth beginning to wake from its winter sleep.

    Vernal equinox - a springtime celebration of the time when night and day become of equal length.

    Beltane - takes place on May 1st and is signified by the lighting of bonfires to honour the Celtic god Bel, the god of light, fire and healing.

    Litha (Midsummer's Day) - a feast on June 21st to mark the shortest day of the year.

    Lughnasadh (Feast of Bread) - takes place on August 1st in honour of the god Lugh. Also coincides with the beginning of harvest and represents the death of Bel, the Corn King.

    Autumn equinox - takes place on September 21st and signifies the last harvest before winter descends.

    Hallowe'en - famous celebration on October 31st to remember the dead. Also represents the Earth being put to rest so her fertility can be renewed.

    Winter solstice (Yule) - celebrated on December 21st, this marks the longest, darkest night of the year.

    As well as being linked to the pagan year, the symbol also has links with other eight-fold systems, such as the trigrams of the I Ching, so has relevance to both pagans and other believers.

    Peter Stone Jewellery - High quality jewellery manufacturer
    The Peter Stone Company purchases raw silver and produces their own true .925 sterling silver alloy in their own factory. All rings are cast to size and craftsmen cut and inlay each stone for a perfect fit. Every piece of jewellery created is hand polished not tumble polished, which leads to a high quality finish that is noticeably different.

    Peter Stone

    Peter Koslowski had been working on merchant ships since 1983 while living in Sri Lanka and was fortunate to be exposed to an abundance of precious stones and he began to purchase and trade them, as well as silver. During this period he also studied gemology and jewellery making in a number of countries. This then lead to the founding of the Peter Stone Company in 1992 in Bangkok, Thailand, where he still resides.


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    Large Eight Pointed Star Pendant (Sterling Silver)
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