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Contacting Your Spirit Guide (with Audio Download) by Sylvia Browne

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Contacting Your Spirit Guide - with Free 'Spirit Guide Meditation' Download Inside by Sylvia Browne

Revised Edition - Includes a New Section on A Day in the Life of a Spirit Guide

On the Back of the Book
This book is an amazing resource from one of the world's best-known psychics. You'll quickly learn the importance of messages from the other side, and how they can improve every aspect of your life. Including a powerful free audio download, this book offers you the chance to.

  • Make first contact with your guides and recognize their subtle advice
  • Understand the different types of guides and discover your guide's name
  • See how your guides may be speaking to you through dreams
  • Hear intimate details of Sylvia's guides, Francine and Raheim
  • Read transcripts of actual research trances undertaken by Sylvia that deliver incredible spiritual wisdom.

  • Sylvia offers great insight into the workings of spirit guides and, in so doing, gives you the tools to understand your 'unseen companions along the way'.

    Total Pages: 181 (Paperback)

    About the Author
    The #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Browne (1936-2013) was a spiritual teacher and world-renowned psychic. With her down-to-earth personality and great sense of humour, Sylvia thrilled audiences on her lecture tours. She also wrote numerous immensely popular books, 22 of which appeared on the New York Times bestsellers lists.

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    Contacting Your Spirit Guide (with Audio Download) - Sylvia Browne
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    (Review for original CD version)
    An easy to read and digest book, which helps to make sense of the '6th sense' we all possess, and sometimes ignore. Sylvia gives exercises in a form of meditation to help your mind open, the included CD is relaxing - Sylvia has a reassuring voice, which make the pictures she paints with words, very real when used as meditation.

    Sylvia has a strong nasal American accent, and she does seem to like things to happen 'suddenly'; this does start to grate a little on the nerves when you find yourself counting the number of times 'suddenly' is heard within the same sentence. Brief glimpses of Sylvia's family history are interesting, in that throughout her family history from Indian to European, there seems always to have been a healer or psychic member.

    I will use this book, the easy visualizations and thoughts, and would recommend it to anyone who 'feels' there is someone with them. It is an excellent book to recommend to anyone taking their Reiki I attunement, as finding your spirit guide is all part of the Reiki journey, and Sylvia's meditations once the word 'suddenly' is removed are effective.
    4 out of 5 By
    (Review for original CD version)
    Sylvia Browne's Contacting your Spirit Guide is a very easy to read, digest and accept book. The CD is good for anyone who finds reading difficult or can't read but once you have listened to the meditaions a couple of times you're left feeling agitated with the way she babbles on. If they had also included a third track just of her leading you through the meditations directly it would have been much better. Over all the book is very good the CD average.

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