Kuumba Made White Ginger Organic Bath & Body Oil

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Organic White Ginger Bath & Body Oil

Use Bath & Body Oil 

  • For Daily Moisturizing - Shake well and apply a small amount all over
  • As A Massage Oil - Apply a generous amount
  • For a Nourishing Bath - Add a couple of capfuls when running a bath and enjoy the beautiful essence
  • As a Hair Treatment - Massage into hair, wait 10 minutes and then shampoo as usual. 

Kuumba Made Bath & Body Oils are light, fast absorbing, versatile and effective. With a variety of uses, these certified organic oils are packed with moisturizing agents that leave skin radiant, and hair healthy and soft.

These are produced and made with intention in small hand-made batches.

The Fragrance 
The fragrance of White Ginger is sweet and spicy with notes of orange flower, rose, vanilla and ginger.

These are available in small 2fl oz bottles or larger 6fl oz bottles. 
If you are unsure of the fragrance you would like, we would recommend buying a smaller bottle first.
Being very versatile, these bottles are great to take on your travels to use as your moisturizer, bath oil and hair treatment and conditioner all in one. 

What's the Difference Between Body Oil & Body Lotion?
Body Oils and Body Lotions are very similar in effect and in use. Oils are generally just that 'Oil' with no added water or liquid additives. They can take a little while longer to absorb than lotion, but they can leave skin moisturized for longer and are very versatile. 

Lotions tend to be a mixture of both oil and liquid, and can absorb into the skin quicker than an oil would. What's best for you may depend on your skin type or when you use your product. For example, if you have very oily skin but would still like some moisturizing, you might prefer a body lotion. If you tend to put on your product last thing at night, you might like an oil; leaving it longer to dry and you don't have to worry about having oily hands. Oils are particularly good after a bath or shower to use as a moisturizer as the skin tends to absorb them quicker than if you were to use it on dry skin. 

Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Kuumba Made Fragrance (98% Certified Organic Ingredients)

Extra Information
No Animal Testing
Suitable for All Skin Types

The herbs and plants used in Kuumba Made's products are grown in their own organic garden, on certified organic farms or ethically wild harvested.

More About Kuumba Made
Kuumba Made is a US based company that have been making natural, botanical organic body care products for over 25 years. The flowers and herbs used in their products are ethically wild harvested and grown in their organic garden or on certified organic farms. They use the highest quality, effective and unique ingredients including plant extracts and essential oils. They believe in sustainable environmental practices and support Fairtrade. We love their products and we hope you do too!

More About the Scents of Orange, Rose & Ginger
Orange Essential Oil is a perky, zesty, refreshing citrus fragrance, typical of freshly grated orange peel. This radiant, refreshingly alive, sensuous aroma of sunshine & summer conveys light-heartedness, warmth and happiness. It can help to lift depression and gloom, reduce fear and encourages positive thinking.

Rose Maroc Essential Oil is an intoxicatingly beautiful, delicate yet powerfully uplifting fragrance with a deep, sweet and floral aroma that restores balance and harmony. Characteristic of roses in bloom it is considered by many the most precious of scents, and has the ability to work on all levels, beginning its influence with the physical body, elevating the mind and penetrating to our innermost being.

Ginger essential oil has a spicy, pleasantly sharp, fresh, citrusy and camphorous scent with a hint of pepper and lemon - like fresh green root ginger. A valuable aid for numerous ills, it warms and cheers the mind and emotions, helps a myriad of aches and pains and relieves digestive upsets.

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