Angel on Duty Token

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These little angels tokens can be carried around in your pocket so they can be kept close; a great way to bring a feeling of courage and support with you. Each token is engraved with an angel figure on one side and a mighty message on the other. 

Keep them in your pocket, purse or car (and they also make lovely gifts). 

Back of the Token Reads:
'Angel on Duty'

Size of Angel Token Approximately 3.1cm in length and 2.5cm in width.

More About Angel Star
Angel Star started as a small shop in the USA in 1985. In 1991 one of the founders, Juliet Hobbs, combined a small cupid angel she had bought with a yellow ribbon to focus positive energy on the Gulf War that was going on at the time. She left this pin on the shop counter while going out to lunch one day. During lunch one of the shop assistants sold the pin by mistake to a customer because they liked it so much. This “mistake” sparked an idea which then lead to the creation of a custom made yellow ribbon angel pin which then went on to sell 30,000 all over the USA in the following 2 months. Over the following years they reinvested all profits to grow their range of angel products. By the end of 1994 they had sold over 1 million angel products. The rest is history, and today they produce 100s of angel products with a great focus on quality.

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