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I came to live in England in 1974 and married an Englishman in 1976.… Life was going smoothly until my French mother died of cancer in 1983. The birth of my second daughter, so soon after, left me with post natal depression .. I struggled with panic attacks for years and finally looked for alternative therapies. As I grew stronger, I read as many self development books I could get my hands on. By coincidence (or not!) my yoga teacher introduced me to Reiki. I went through all the atunements to Reiki III, followed by Karuna II. My life seemed to change drastically for the better after that, I became aware of the “other side” and my spiritual guide made himself known.. I subsequently studied and passed an Holistic Therapist Diploma and here I am now, trying to help people as much as I can..! I am also particularly fond of nature and I look forward the day when our mother earth is at peace...

CD: Buddha Gold - Llewellyn
CD: Reiki Healing Waves - Parijat
Mary, Queen of Angels - Doreen Virtue
CD: Bali - Midori
CD: Angel - Guided Meditations for Children by Michelle Robertson-Jones
CD: Power Animals - Niall
CD: Meditation to Connect with Archangel Michael - Diana Cooper
Thank You Angels! (Hardback Book) - Doreen Virtue
The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael (Book) - Doreen Virtue
CD: Native American Nights - Niall
CD: Meditation to Connect with Archangel Raphael - Diana Cooper
CD: Meditation to Connect with Archangel Gabriel - Diana Cooper
I Can Do It! 2020 Calendar - Louise Hay
CD: The Codes of Power Meditation - Diana Cooper
CD: Overcome Fears & Phobias - Glenn Harrold
CD: Deep Sleep Every Night - Glenn Harrold
CD: Little White Feather
CD: The Twelve Chakras - Diana Cooper
CD: Tarot Workshop - Suzanne Corbie
CD: Guided Meditations Gold - Donna Stewart
The Meditation Bible
Eternal Knot Pendant (Sterling Silver)
CD: Natural Sounds Gold - Llewellyn
The Power of Intention (Paperback) - Wayne Dyer
CD: Morning & Evening Meditations - Louise Hay
CD: Journey to the Temple - Llewellyn
CD: Chakra Balancing - Caroline Shola Arewa
Signposts - Denise Linn
Taming the Tiger - Akong Tulku Rinpoche
CD: Massage - Stuart Jones

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