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Hi, I'm 36 and live in Nuneaton, where I’m studying full-time for the Advanced Diploma in Sports and Fitness Therapy. I’m a qualified Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Sports Therapist, with a small business, 'Essential Health'. I enjoy the countryside and sea, sporting and spiritual interests, including quadrathlon, meditation and poetry. My first experience of 'seeing spirit' was at the age of 3, and this sparked a deep interest in Spiritualism, Native American and Eastern philosophies, various healing practices, holistic and environmental studies, counselling and personal growth. I am open to clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant energies, started platform work as a novice medium aged 18, and have ‘sat’ in various ‘development’ circles. I have a lovely Native American Guide, ‘White Cloud Silver Cloud’, and an amazing Chinaman, Dr. G, who guides my healing work.

I have a degree in Community Education and Youth Work and am a qualified B.H.S. riding instructor. I've used healing energies since the age of 14, first with horses, later with humans, and this knowledge, along with trying many forms of complementary medicine, became essential in helping me regain mobility and sanity after being hit by a drunk driver, leaving me with right side paralysis. I was 19, and thirteen years later, in 2000, I began walking unaided. I have a wonderful cranial-sacral osteopath who keeps me moving!

I've survived breast cancer, miscarriage and divorce, an emotionally dysfunctional upbringing, and learnt how the physical body can store such emotional trauma and lead to repeating lifestyle patterns. I am now learning to bring happiness into my life, and, I hope, to those around me. I enjoy regular 1:1 counselling to help my personal growth and to deal with trauma I've been through, and I recently attended an excellent psychodrama workshop.
Along with a growing interest in angels, I feel I am starting a new journey - perhaps one where my experiences can also be of help to others. I now wish to train in psychodrama, and incorporate elements of art and music therapy. I believe strongly in self-expression and welcome discussion.

CD: The Karma Release Meditation - Diana Cooper
CD: The Angel Garden - Guided Meditation for Angel Communication by Christine Astell
CD: The Unicorn Meditation - Diana Cooper
A New Light on Angels (Book) - Diana Cooper
Saints and Angels Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue
CD: Swimming with Dolphins - Guided Meditation for Love & Joy by Val Delph
Healing for Horses - Magrit Coates
Hands-On Healing for Pets - Magrit Coates
The Journey - Brandon Bays
White Eagle Medicine Wheel (Card & Book Set)
The Secret Door to Success - Florence Scovel-Shinn
The Directory of Essential Oils - Wanda Sellar

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