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I am interested in many things holistic and embarked on that journey 10 years ago, using homeopathy and aromatherapy to help with my own healing. A medium then helped me to develop psychically and introduced me to meditation which opened up my path to spiritual healing. I became self-employed and after some experience of doing tarot readings and Reiki I gained IIHHT’s diplomas in Crystal Therapy & Colour Therapy and became a Reiki Master. I have found along the way that healing work is my preference. I have a certificate in integrative counselling which doesn’t make me a counsellor but means that I sometimes listen a bit better than I did before I took the course! Having been interested in aromatherapy for many years, I have now at last qualified in IIHHT Diploma Holistic Therapies, which includes Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Swedish massage and I am in the process of establishing my treatment room in a local enterprise centre in Wrexham.

Citronella Essential Oil (Sri Lanka) - 10 ml (100% pure concentrated)
Black Pepper Essential Oil (India) - 10 ml (100% pure concentrated)
Cinnamon Essential Oil (Sri Lanka) - 10 ml (100% pure concentrated)
CD: Reiki Harmony - Terry Oldfield
Bergamot Essential Oil (Ivory Coast) - 10 ml (100% pure concentrated)
Circle of Life Tarot Cards by Maria Distefano
Ask and It Is Given (The Teachings of Abraham) - Jerry & Esther Hicks
CD: Reflexology - Midori
CD: Aromatherapy - Llewellyn
Healing Crystals - The A-Z Guide (2nd Ed) - Michael Gienger
CD: OSHO Active Meditations: Chakra Sounds with Karunesh
CD: Regression through the Mirrors of Time - Brian Weiss
Selenite Pencil Wand (approx 5 1/2 Inches Long)
The Crystal Bible, Volume 2 - Judy Hall
Baby White Sage Smudge Sticks (5 Pack)
CD: Meditation to Connect with Guardian Angel - Diana Cooper
Meditation (with Audio Download) - Brian Weiss
The Book of Peace - Mother Teresa
Psycards by Maggie Kneen
Patterned Marc Cross + Amethyst Pendant (Sterling Silver)
Navajo Yeii Spirit Charm / Pendant (Peter Stone - Sterling Silver)
Sacred Contracts - Caroline Myss
Archangel Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue

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