CD: Wind & Mountain by Deuter

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Specifically designed to help release of conscious and unconscious tensions, this music will lead you into a space of inner stillness. Peaceful slow frequencies and revitalizing high frequencies are orchestrated into a sweeping musical experience. Flute, piano, synthesizer; soft voices and alpha waves balance both hemispheres of your brain and promote creativity. A perfect accompaniment to massage, hypnosis and other healing techniques.

'I have used Wind & Mountain hundreds of times in my hypnotherapy practice. An exquisite array of sounds interwoven with alpha wave frequencies makes this music an effective tool for reaching deep states of relaxation. This album is a must fro healing professionals or anyone on a healing path.' Robert Weisz PhD Psychologist, Director of Milton Erickson Institute of New Mexico'

Total Running Time: 54 minutes

The Tracks:
1. Wind & Mountain
2. Lotus 
3. Silver Cloud 
4. Island in the Sun 
5. Flowing
6. Morning Birds

About Deuter
Deuter is an internationally acclaimed musician and composer who’s recorded and released over 50 albums in his career so far. He specialises in creating New Age music, combining his love for acoustic and electronic instruments with the wonderful sounds of nature and ethnic influences.

Deuter was born in Germany and taught himself to play the guitar, flute and harmonica. Although he always loved music, it wasn’t until he was involved in a near fatal car crash in his early 20s that he finally decided his true vocation in life was to work as a musician. As a result, his first album, D, was released in 1971 and he’s gone on to produce a wide variety of much-loved albums.

Many of Deuter’s early recordings are meditative and contemplative and reflect elements of Deuter’s own spiritual search. He was one of the first musicians to successfully blend together Eastern and Western traditions and much of his music is inspiring, uplifting and full of spirit.

Since his first album in 1971, Deuter has continued to be passionately involved in creating and composing music, bringing out at least one album almost every year since, and his wonderful repertoire is enjoyed by people worldwide.

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    Deeply Serene

    Posted by Ceri on 15th Nov 2004

    This is a deeply serene CD. The music is very ethereal for example the bells on the 'Wind and Water' track give the song a shimmering, translucent quality reminiscent of sunlight sparkling on water. 'Silver Cloud' is my favourite track and is very evocative of a silver mist over a still lake, high in the mountains. This CD would be perfect to play in the background for Holistic Therapies or for meditation. I listened to it after a really stressful day, and not only did it relax me, it washed my worries away and left me feeling revitalised and refreshed. Deuter weaves flute, piano synthesizer, soft voices, sounds of nature and alpha waves into a harmonious album designed specifically to help to release unconscious tension and lead the listener into a space of inner stillness, to help the listener to reach states of deep relaxation. So does it work - I say Yes! This CD creates a deep level of inner Peace; this is atmospheric music at its best.