CD: Sun Spirit by Deuter

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'The sun is the centre of our solar system and permeates everything with its light. It is the essence of the highest consciousness and radiates out the inner light of knowing. This music is a celebration of the times when we know we are alive, when we feel and breathe the joy of being.' - C.G. Deuter.

'Another extraordinary and long-awaited classic from Deuter. Reaching into the inner dimensions of the symbolism of the sun, Deuter masterfully creates music that manifests the solar power of positive diurnal consciousness. Listen to Sun Spirit and be illuminated.' - Manuella Dunn Mascetti, author of The Illustrated Rumi: Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul.

Deuter is trying to express the belief of the sun being a power and being all by itself, a being that can bring life and warmth. The cover sums it up well, the picture taken from Van Gogh's Olive Treespainted in 1889. This warmth is transmitted with pipes, flutes, keyboards, strings and African drums in a lazy Mediterranean-type feel. That said, we feel it is too varied for meditation music but may be ideal for calming background music when you are trying to 'slow down'.

Total Running Time:
 57 minutes

The Tracks:
1. Zauberwald
2. Yellow Mandala
3. Sunlight Dancing
4. Apres la Pluie
5. Distant Islands
6. Horizon
7. Green Mandala
8. Sun Spirit
9. White bird, blue sky

About Deuter
Deuter is an internationally acclaimed musician and composer who’s recorded and released over 50 albums in his career so far. He specialises in creating New Age music, combining his love for acoustic and electronic instruments with the wonderful sounds of nature and ethnic influences.

Deuter was born in Germany and taught himself to play the guitar, flute and harmonica. Although he always loved music, it wasn’t until he was involved in a near fatal car crash in his early 20s that he finally decided his true vocation in life was to work as a musician. As a result, his first album, D, was released in 1971 and he’s gone on to produce a wide variety of much-loved albums.

Many of Deuter’s early recordings are meditative and contemplative and reflect elements of Deuter’s own spiritual search. He was one of the first musicians to successfully blend together Eastern and Western traditions and much of his music is inspiring, uplifting and full of spirit.

Since his first album in 1971, Deuter has continued to be passionately involved in creating and composing music, bringing out at least one album almost every year since, and his wonderful repertoire is enjoyed by people worldwide.

More About the Symbol of the Sun
The sun is seen to represent the father and male principle, whilst in contrast, the moon signifies the mother and feminine principle. It's the source of heat and the bringer of light out of darkness and symbolises vitality, passion, courage and knowledge. 

Just because it's generally referred to as a masculine energy doesn't mean that it's just for men. Both men and women have their male and female aspects. We all develop, and have the ability to access, them both. 

The sun symbol features in many traditions, and some depict it as the symbolic centre of heart of the universe. Although viewed as a male principle in the majority of traditions, in Germany and Japan, as well as in tribes in some areas of the Celtic world and Africa, it was, for a time, viewed as female. The connection with the sun has led to many people worshipping its energy and vitality, with Peru, Mexico and Egypt being most famous for their sun cults. 

As far as icons of the sun go, they are varied throughout the world. The Peruvian's depicted it in human form with a golden face, but it's also commonly shown as a gold disc, a rayed disc, a half-disc with or without rays and even as a wheel or spiral. Likewise, the colours used vary, from bright and golden yellow, to red, bronze and terracotta.

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  • 5
    Whenever I need a gentle boost

    Posted by Dee, York on 29th Jan 2015

    Beautiful, uplifting music. I love every track as there`s nothing jarring about any of them. Perfect start to a gloomy day as it lifts the spirits but I listen to it any time I need a gentle boost.

  • 5
    I loved every track

    Posted by Vernon Marshall on 18th Jan 2010

    Deuter is a name that is new to me in inspirational music. I have numerous CDs of this genre of music and I am delighted to add the name of Deuter to my collection. Here is a very skilled musician and composer. The styles of these tracks, all of which are inspired by the sun, are quite different in what they evoke. In some I hear traces of the Native American culture, yet in others there is something of the South Indian. Deuter, however, very capably switches instrument from the flute to the piano so that, an Eastern feel moves towards something more Western. Throughout the CD there is what I may call an “early morning mood” intrinsic to the compositions. Even the more contemplative pieces feel upbeat and positive, as if the soul is heartwarmed by the sun.
    This CD is not appropriate for the quiet meditation, the pieces are too complex and require some contemplation, but for gentle listening. It is an uplifting work and most suitable for anyone wanting to experience the joy of life but who may be feeling the gloom of the weather or personal circumstance. I loved every track.