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Spiritual Alchemy - How to Change Your Life by Dr Christine Page

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Information: 282 pages, paperback

They say: The Ancient People all agree on one thing, we're in the time of the Great Shift and over the next 25 years our whole view of life will change dramatically. It is a wonderful opportunity to reclaim our inner strength, adjust our focus and remember that we are perfectly formed to be alchemists of spirit, directing light waves to continually create and refine our holographic reality. As the veil between the dimensions thins, anything which lacks congruency within a deeper truth and unity will dissolve, allowing a greater sense of co-operation, compassion and connection with all life forms.

'Christine Page is one of the great living Mystics and has presented us a modern map of the journey we must all ultimately take to fulfil our cosmic yearning. This will become required reading by our students.' C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

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Dr Christine Page
A trained doctor and medical professional, Dr Christine Page is now known as a mystical physician. Dr Page gained her medical degree from London University and specialised in covering paediatrics, obstetrics and general practice. As well as conventional medicine, she also trained as a homeopath and has over 30 years experience in the caring professions.

Her knowledge and understanding of complementary medicine was put to good use and she’s helped it to become better accepted within some areas of the health care system in Britain.

As her career has progressed, her focus now is more on education, particularly using are intuitive and mystic abilities. She’s the author of six books, with the best known being Frontiers of Health, and is renowned in both the UK and the US for her teaching and writing. She’s adept at combining the ideas of modern science with those of ancient wisdom and, as well as writing and teaching, also offers soul readings.

Dr Christine Page views herself as a ‘messenger and bridge builder between different worlds’ and lives with her husband, Leland, in Northern California.

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Spiritual Alchemy - How to Change Your Life - Dr Christine Page
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Christine Page, a qualified physician, gynaecologist and homoeopath, must be one of the most positive people of our generation, exemplified by this masterpiece. Her 'thesis' is that we are on the verge of a new change in human awareness, a time when we will find a deeper connection with the whole of life. She calls it our 'holographic vision of reality'. I must say that, though trying to be objective, I have been excited by her carefully devised stages towards growth. I have found a way of using the book, not only to deepen my own spiritual awareness, but also to create a Spirituality Awareness Class to explore her ideas further in a communal setting. The book, with 280 pages, includes diagrams, lists, case studies, references to other authorities and an excellent bibliography. It is a must for anyone seeking to put joy into their lives and find a deeper meaning to their existence. There are two important references that sum up this book: 'It's supposed to be fun and smile from time to time', and, 'keep things simple'!

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