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Clearly sleep is important to us and we all need different amounts of sleep. If you find sleeping easy, then that's excellent. You most likely find that you have a lot of energy and feel good most days. If you find sleeping difficult however, there are many solutions and you are certainly not alone. Enjoying this relaxing, specially crafted musical composition along with the suggested sleep therapies can help you find restful sleep.

Total Running Time: 53 minutes

One CD
1 Enticing the Dream (26.22)
2 Gentle Slumber (26.45)

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    Doesn't Solve Sleep Problems, but lovely for Relaxation

    Posted by Rachel Newcombe on 16th Mar 2005

    As the name rather aptly suggests, this CD is designed to be used as an aid for sleeping and relaxation. The music by Midori is as you'd expect - gentle, calm and tranquil. It's easy to listen to, creating an ideal backdrop for relaxing and winding down and seems to easily slip into the background as you drift off to sleep.

    The CD comes complete with a fascinating booklet about sleep, written by Keith Banfield from the National Council of Hypnotherapy. The booklet looks are various aspects such as the four stages of sleep, the benefits of sleeping and the elements of a good bed. It also discusses sleep problems and offers some ideas and techniques to try that may help you nod off or get a better night's sleep. If you have severe problems with sleeping, then it seems unlikely that purely listening to the CD will offer the solution you need. But coupled with other insomnia methods, it may well offer a degree of help. For those for whom sleep generally isn't a problem, it's a lovely CD to put on as you doze off at the end of a busy day.