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CD: Silk and Bamboo by Patricia Spero

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Total running time: 61:20 minutes

The Tracks:
1 Lamp of Wisdom (8:31)
2 Dawn Wind Bird (1:38)
3 Jewelled Flute (7:29)
4 Autumn Winds blow on Green Ponds (7:08)
5 Bridge of Stars (7:06)
6 A Misty Twilight Lotus that rises from the River (5:54)
7 Dark Dragon (7:51)
8 Music of Song (4:56)
9 The Moon in Flower looks on silent night (10:38)

Back of CD says: Silk and Bamboo brings together the meditative sounds of the traditional silk strings of the Chinese Harp or Cheng played by leading contemporary harpist Patricia Spero and the wonderful sounds of Tim Wheater on bamboo and wooden flutes. Tibetan Gongs, Prayer Cymbals, and Tibetan Singing bowls all add to the acoustic nature, and the oriental quality and beauty of this gentle album, making it perfect for relaxation or as an accompaniment to meditation or therapy.

Brings together two gifted musicians - one playing silk, one bamboo - on one beautiful recording.

'On this album I have tried to combine the peace and stillness of the monks with my modern harp, and traditional Chinese music with the Cheng and Tim Wheater's wonderful flute playing.'Patricia Spero

We say: This album is mellow, unhurried and restful. It has a strong oriental feel caused by the instruments used and also by the nature of the composition which often meanders (as is common with Eastern music). Although it feels quite lazy it is focussed in its approach. I know many love to have this music on while doing holistic treatments such as Reiki and some even like it for meditation although I myself would find it a bit to varied for meditation. For those not familiar with music with a more Eastern feel I think this might take a couple of listens before you get into the character of the music and you really start to enjoy it. But it certainly is a skilled composition.

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CD: Silk and Bamboo - Patricia Spero
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This CD has a lovely combination of sounds, bringing some very relaxing and thoughtful melodies. The styles are really quite mixed and thus an innovative sound is created. Patricia Spero plays the Chinese Harp of Cheng, whilst the celebrated Tim Wheater plays bamboo and wooden flutes. What I like about the CD is the variety of the melodies. It is a lovely vehicle for bringing on a state of relaxation. I must confess I found it difficult as a means of meditation as I could not but focus on the music. I did not want my mind to drift away. Having said that I did find it very useful as background to healing sessions. There are 2 tracks that I particularly liked. One is a very short piece, “Dawn Wind Bird”, a very evocative piece, lasting just over a minute and a half. The other is a much more profound piece, lasting over ten minutes, “The Moon in Flower: Looks on Silent Night.”
I can recommend this CD as something a bit different from many of the standards on the market today. The mixture of styles, the beautiful arrangements, and the originality qualify it as a unique contribution. New World rarely get it wrong and this CD well and truly gets it right!

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