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CD: The Romance Angels by Doreen Virtue

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Total running time: 30 minutes
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This Recording has 3 tracks

Back of CD says: Meet the romance angels, a segment of the angelic realm that specializes in helping you manifest a healthy and romantic love life. Doreen Virtue teaches you how to call upon these angels of romance to receive their guidance. She also presents specific examples of how the angelic kingdom can intervene in a Cupid-like fashion.

Accompanied by Steven Halpern's beautiful etheric music, Doreen also takes you through a relaxing meditation that allows the angels to clear away blocks that could be interfering with your love life.

The romance angels know that when you have a fulfilling love life, you bring great joy into the world. As such, they're profoundly interested in helping you realize your romantic dreams. Whether you're single and looking for your soul mate, or want to inject some renewed passion into an existing relationship, the romance angels can help!

Dictionary Terms Explained

Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist who works with the angelic realm. A clairvoyant since childhood, Doreen teaches people practical ways to work with the Angels to heal their lives. She has appeared on countless TV talk shows in the US, where she is frequently referred to as 'The Angel Lady.' Dr Virtue gives angel readings at workshops throughout the world; and she teaches audience members how to see, hear, feel, and know their guardian angels.

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CD: The Romance Angels - Doreen Virtue
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This CD, whilst only 28 minutes’ long, contains some lovely ideas regarding the purpose of love angels and how to call them into your life. The CD begins with gentle, beautiful harp music and with no welcome or particular introduction as such, immediately the spoken word starts with information about what romance angels are. I was surprised there wasn’t an ‘hello’ from the author, but nonetheless the CD contains interesting ideas such as romance angels generally operating in three’s and being connected to the colour pink. Other information I have previously heard attributed to other angels, such as how you might be directed to a certain book or type of food which could enhance your situation/feelings about yourself and thus enable the angels to help you achieve your desires, but Doreen links this to how the romance angels specifically can help you.

Doreen offers suggestions about how to call on the angels to improve love and romance in your life, and I think the meditation at the end of the CD is the best part. This includes an opportunity for the listener to ‘release any unforgiveness’ towards various people in your current or past love life in order to clear any blocks to currently receiving the love that you desire.

I’m aware that Doreen Virtue has produced various books and CD’s regarding angels, and this is the first of her work that I have explored. I would have liked the spoken words to have been delivered a little slower, which they are in the beautiful meditation at the end, but found I needed to listen to the CD five or six times to ensure I heard all that Doreen was offering.

I would recommend this CD to those who are......more
5 out of 5 By
Thanks for the great service as usual from the staff who are very helpful. I liked the simplicity of this CD and that it was not too long, it for me was then easy for me to follow as I would not have been too keen if I had a shopping list of things to follow for romance.
It is split into two parts which I thought kept my interest and I enjoyed it as Doreen is very good and clear about what is needed to help attract romance and is very helpful for everyone who may not be managing it. I like this and rate it a five star and think its a useful tool for the mind and like collecting Doreen's meditation CD's thank you and god bless.

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