CD: Relax with Nature Vol. 4 (3 CD set) - Ocean Waves, Summer Garden,

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CD 1: Ocean Waves at Sunset Total running time: 58:15
They say: The day has been another deeply relaxing one. You cannot remember when your holiday started, and the end is too far away for you to think about. You have no idea what time it is. All you know is that the golden sun has been beating down all day from cloudless azure sky, and is slowly sinking towards the distant horizon. As you lie in the warm and enjoying the tranquility of the moment, you feel totally and utterly relaxed. You fall into a deep sleep with the power of the ocean vibrating through your body.

CD 2: Tranquil Summer Garden Total running time:58:12
They say: You are surrounded by nothing but beauty. The flowers are in full bloom, and all of nature is rejoicing in the glorious summer weather. As you line on your back on the warm grass, you hear the distant birdsong and the flowing stream running down into the mountain below. Nearby the bees are too busy to notice you and they carry on with their activities regardless. The heat seems to be soaking into your body and all you want to do is fall into a deep relaxing rest, knowing you will awaken totally refreshed.

CD 3: Tropical Night Total running time: 59.40
They say: The evening frogs are singing as dusk decends, and the warm, fragrant breeze, the tropical sunset, a refreshing sprinkling of rain, and the relaxing sounds of the ocean waves caress your body in waves of deep contentment...

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