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CD: Protected by Angels by Stephen Rhodes

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    Total running time: 58:43 minutes

    The Tracks:
    1. Protected by Angels 8:35
    2. Heavens Awake 6:10
    3. Angel of the Ocean 9:32
    4. Archangel Michael 8:35
    5. Safe and Sound 8:02
    6. In Company of Angels 6:20
    7. Home in Paradise 11:11

    Back of CD says: Just as the title suggests, Protected by Angels is an album to envelop the listener in warm clouds of musical well-being. Whether you're an Angel enthusiast or simply looking for the right music to soothe your body and soul, this wonderful and uplifting album is simply heavenly.

    Stephen Rhodes explores his natural affinity with the Angels theme and realises an album as sympathetic in its subject area, as in the resonating healing harmonies it generates for the listener. Take time, unwind and settle down for a celestial journey of peace and tranquillity. Features extensive sleevenotes by renowned Angel Authoress, Diana Cooper.

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    CD: Protected by Angels - Stephen Rhodes
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    The cover shows a slender angel holding her hands in benediction over what seems to be a crystal, she looks like she is floating in the universe, the inside cover has sleeve notes by Diana Cooper, relating angelic encounters experienced. The CD cover is pretty but it doesn’t match the beauty of this album. ‘Protected by Angels’ by Stephen Rhodes is simply out of this world. The first track, from which the album takes its title has heavenly voices harmoniously blending, softly rising and falling, with gentle chimes providing a delicate contrast. I am not ashamed to admit that the first time I heard it, I cried, not with sadness but because I felt moved by the music. This track runs for just over eight minutes and sets the tone for the album. ‘Heavens Awake’ has harps and strings, again rising and falling in soft cadence. It made me think of an angel’s feather falling to earth spiralling as it floats down. I found myself humming this tune during the day or at odd moments, so it made an impression on my mind. ‘Angel of the Ocean’ takes you right to the sea, the waves swirling along the beach with flute and strings. ‘Archangel Michael’ has a majestic feel to it, yet still carries that soft gentleness which is the theme of the album. I could see the Archangel in my mind’s eye, golden rays emanating from this being. The fifth track ‘Safe and Sound’ features the piano and ‘In the Company of Angels’ again the piano carries on the theme and as the featured instrument it gives the tune a quiet elegance and simplicity. Lastly, ‘Home in Paradise’, concludes the album with harp, strings, percussion and it has the most soothing and calming effect, wonderful for a......more
    3 out of 5 By
    I am interested in anything involving angels and as a very stressed individual who finds it difficult to relax and meditate was really hoping that this cd would help calm me down after a hard day. However I found it had completely the opposite effect. I found the music very 'samey' and the harp and tinkling noises quite annoying. I could not cleary distinguish when one track ended and the next one began. Not at all what I wanted. I MUST STRESS though that this is NOT a negative review as I'm sure lots will enjoy it, it is just purely my personal opinion. If I had asked my angels before hand whether this cd was for me, I would not have bought it. However I'm pleased to say, they have since pointed me in tne right direction.

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