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Magical Touch Greeting Card (Birthday) by Denton Lund

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Magical Touch Greeting Card by Artist Denton Lund

Greeting inside reads:
May your year be touched with magic and your heart be open to experience the wonder in everday moments.

Happy Birthday.

Symbology of the Crow (The Magic of Crow):
It has been said that Crow is the messenger of the Creator, and yet many are frightened by Crow's deep black-and-blue colour, and put off by their harsh cawing.
Crow's special colour symbolizes enlightenment and transformation: the night before the dawn, or the deep darkness of the womb just before birth. Their call startles and awakens us, warning us of evil or even telling of the future.
It is thought that if you are visited by a Crow or meditate on a Crown that you will be surrounded by great magic.

Crow can also be mischievous and know to steal bright shiny objects, reminding us to play a little and look for the bright and shiny parts that exist within ourselves and those around us. Even in the many ways Crow is misunderstood, we are reminded not to be judgmental in our thinking or we will miss seeing the magic that surrounds us on the most ordinary of days.

Size of Card: 138 x 183mm (5.5" x 7.2") approx.

Comes with a blue coloured envelope and each card also has a faint artwork inside.

Dictionary Terms Explained

Denton Lund - Painter
A native of New Jersey, Denton Lund studied art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and spent the first part of his professional life working as a commercial illustrator and designer for major corporations in the New York area. When he later moved to New mexico, he began to fulfill his longtime dream of becoming a serious painter of western, Native American and wildlife subjects.

At the same time, Lund started to experiment with the materials he used to create his artwork. Over the years, he developed unique methods of thinning oil paints and layering and bonding silk-like canvas materials, which have become the hallmarks of his smooth, translucent, sparkling style. Deftly combining elements of impressionism with highly realistic portraiture, his art has gained a wide audience and the respect of both critics and peers.

Leanin' Tree - 100% recycled cards
Leanin' Tree is a family owned company in USA which has some wonderful artists designing greeting cards for them. Their cards are high quality, having beautiful printed envelopes and also designed insides of cards.

Leanin' Tree

* All of their cards and envelopes are printed on premium quality recycled paper. All cards are Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF).
* They use "Zero VOC" vegetable-based soy inks that are formulated without petroleum solvent.
* They plant trees to compensate for their carbon emissions from our manufacturing process and have a comprehensive company recycling programme. They also invest to conserve resources by having motion sensors, lighting upgrades, thermal equalizers, waterless urinals and underground irrigation systems at their company.

Their long-standing commitment to the environment is central to their company ethos.


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Magical Touch Greeting Card (Birthday) - Denton Lund
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