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CD: The Little Reiki Meditation Album by Philip Permutt

    Product Information

    Total running time: 55 minutes

    The Tracks:

  • Meditation 1 : Channel of Energy
  • Meditation 2 : Heart Meditation
  • Meditation 3 : Self Healing
  • Meditation 4 : Reiki Energy
  • Meditation 5 : Emotional Healing
  • Meditation 6 : Distant Healing
  • Meditation 7 : Attunement Preparation
  • Meditation 8 : The Master

  • They say: These unique meditations open up a powerful and deep connection to the Reiki energy flow, bringing benefit to everyone who listens, including those completely new to Reiki.

    Reiki people will find themselves drifting into deeper levels of Reiki energy, exploring new depths of understanding and heights of awareness as each different meditation flows through them.

    For the Reiki Master, these beautiful meditations make a truly invaluable and welcome addition to the teacher's 'toolbox' - Lyn Palmer , Reiki Master

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Philip Permutt
    Since "discovering" meditation on an extended trip to the Far East in 1979, Philip Permutt has practised and researched many types of meditation from different cultures around the world leading to a unique eclectic practice of his own. He teaches meditation and leads regular open meditation groups at his shop and Healing Centre, iSiS, in St Albans, England.

    Philip Permutt is a crystal therapist and Reiki Master. He practices and teaches many healing techniques including: Crystals, Reiki, Taoist Healing, Shamanism and Psychic Counselling. He also runs a successful retail and wholesale business importing crystals from around the world.

    He lives in Hertfordshire with his life partner, Lyn and German Shepherd Puppy Cassie. On the odd occasion that he has any spare time you can usually find him on his Harley riding towards the sun!

    Reiki - Gentle spiritual healing therapy
    Reiki is a gentle energetic, spiritual healing therapy. “Rei” means “unseen” or “spiritual” and “Ki” means “energy” or “life force”. This is often translated as “Universal Life Energy”. The system was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th century after three weeks of fasting and meditating on Mount Kurama. Energy flows through the hands to the “patient” or recipient in such a way that the givers energy is not depleted. The therapist keys into the universal energy, not necessarily their own individual energy. This universal energy is seen as intelligent and will heal the patient’s energy field without exact diagnosis. Treatment can be used on people, on yourself, pets and distance healing. The system often uses “attunement” where people are attuned so that they may also give this type of healing. Often symbols are used to help key into certain aspects of this healing art.

    Paradise Music - Leading new age music label
    Paradise music is a rapidly expanding "new age" music label founded by one of the leading and best known artists in this field, Llewellyn, and his wife Juliana, who is also a well respected and popular recording artist.

    Paradise Music

    They have brought out CDs by well loved established artists as well as nurturing new talent and their range is growing all the time. They have also instigated new ideas such as the now popular "Workshop" series and also CD greeting cards (ie a greeting card with a CD inside the front cover).

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    CD: The Little Reiki Meditation Album - Philip Permutt
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    This is a lovely little CD which is really useful to focus your mind on the healing energy of Reiki whether you are attuned to Reiki or not. Each track is no longer than 10 minutes and is followed by a piece of gentle music which enables you to either flow into the following track or come out of the meditation altogether.

    There is a small booklet in the CD which outlines how to work with the CD, and gives a brief explanation about Reiki, meditation and the chakras. It also lists the tracks at the back and explains how each one can help or what you can achieve by listening to it. I liked how track 1 – Channel of Energy helps you to switch off from the stresses and strains of life, especially for those days when it seems almost impossible to focus. Track 3 – Self healing focuses on the whole body and the violet light of Reiki and track 4 – Reiki Energy - sends reiki energy through the chakras. I found track 6 – Distant Healing - useful, as it helps you to concentrate on sending Reiki by distant healing by visualizing a hollow tube of energy. The meditations are nice to listen to with calm and soothing music in the background and the gentle sound of Philip Permutt’s voice.
    5 out of 5 By
    I used this pretty much as soon as it came through the post (less than 24hrs after ordering it) and I have to say I really enjoyed this. I felt like I had actually had a hands on reiki treatment. What a fabulous cd. Any reiki enthusiest should buy this, and it will appeal to anyone whether they are a reiki practioner, student or master, and even those who have no knowledge of reiki at all will benefit from this wonderful healing, brought to them in the comfort of their own home.
    5 out of 5 By
    Wonderful CD. Being a Reiki Master, I found this CD a great tool to work with and incorporate into my classes. I found Philip's voice relaxing and easy to listen to. A very good CD and well worth the purchase.

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