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Listening to the Light by Jim Pym

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Information:192 pages, paperback

They say: Quakerism has been a source of inspiration and a fountain of ideas on how to live for over 300 years. Combining spirituality with the practical life, its insights have a universal appeal which are particularly relevant to today's world. Quakers value inner peace and tranquillity very highly and believe there is 'that of God' within us all - and that we can all have access to it. They also develop a compassionate determination to do something about the suffering of the world - and have a deep commitment to peace and non-violence.

Listening to the Light gives a fascinating insight into the Quaker experience of practical mysticism but, much more than that, it shows why so many ordinary people have felt so inspired by this enduring faith - and how we, too, can incorporate the very best of its ideas and practices into our lives. These include:

· Finding our own Light - the Divine inside us
· Realising the everyday is spiritual
· Simplifying our lives - and caring for the planet
· Bringing a sense of commitment and integrity to our actions
· Learning to listen - and testing the Quaker approach in our working lives

Accessible and full of wisdom, this is a book to return to again and again when we need to remind ourselves there is a better way to live - and how to do it.

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Listening to the Light - Jim Pym
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Jim Pym came to the Society of Friends (Quakers) from his roots in Buddhism. Buddhism has much in common with Quaker concerns and movement between the two areas (in both directions) is far from unknown. It is not unusual to become a Quaker and remain, as Jim did, actively involved with another faith or belief system. Many Quakers are Universalists, rather that christocentric, and there is no problem with that in the Society of Friends.

In this book, Jim attempts to bring the essence of the Quaker way of thinking to his reader. 'Listening to the Light' is subtitled 'How to bring Quaker simplicity and integrity into our lives'. Simplicity and integrity are key words for Quakers, certainly Jim writes in a simple way making his points in a readily accessible way.

This is a lovely book. Jim guides his readers through sections that deal with finding the light within, and accepting that every day is spiritual, planetary concerns and the search for simplicity, commitment and integrity in life. This little book is made complete by the addition of a good bibliography and a list of useful addresses. It also contains (with the permission of Friends General Meeting) an up to date copy of 'Advices and Querie'’. Quakers have no creed as such and these are thoughtful guidelines which Quakers have turned to and meditated upon over the last three hundred years or so.

The Quaker approach to the spiritual life is eclectic and does not preclude other attitudes and beliefs that work for any individual. Many Quakers are Christian in their beliefs, and many are not. All would regard themselves as 'seekers'. Quakers Meeting for Worship may therefore contain surprising - even eccentric – individuals, who are comfortable together and is one of the most......more

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