Reincarnation & Life after Death

Life After Life by Raymond Moody

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Information: 174 pages, paperback

They say: 'What we learn about death may make an important difference in the way we live our lives' First published in 1975 this classic book about living after bodily death remains a worldwide bestseller. Fascinating and eminently readable it is a groundbreaking study of more than 100 people who have experienced clinical 'death' and survived. Their extraordinary descriptions of near death experiences are strikingly similar and so overwhelmingly positive that they can change the way we view life, death and the spiritual hereafter.

'I had a floating sensation and I looked back and I could see myself on a bed below'
'There was no pain, and I've never felt so relaxed - it was all good'
'There was a feeling of utter peace and quiet and I found myself in a tunnel'
'All I felt was warmth and the most extreme comfort I have ever had'

For all those who have lost a loved one or are simply interested in the phenomenon of death, Life after Life offers insight and firm reassurance.

'It is research like Dr Moody presents in his book that will enlighten many and will confirm what we have been taught for two thousand years - that there is life after death.' Elizabeth Kubler Ross, M.D.

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Life After Life - Raymond Moody
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This is the book that originally sold millions of copies. It is the classic treatise on Near-Death-Experiences that has moved, comforted and encouraged millions of people. A revised edition to mark the 25th anniversary of the original edition, it is an attractive, inexpensive and easy to read book that should not be confused with any of the other books with similar titles. Moody worked with scientists and medical researchers who acknowledged his findings as genuine. The stories he tells are parallel to numerous others from many different cultures and from different centuries. The message is uplifting and positive. The indications are all there, with the support of science, that death is not the end, that life moves on in a different form, that families and friends are waiting to aide us on the next stage of our spiritual development.

What is so encouraging about this book is that Dr. Moody has provided such detail of the dying process. After interviewing numerous clients he has established a clearly defined set of experiences that are common to all those close to death. Everything seems to have a purpose and a positive goal. As a scientist and researcher, Moody backs up his accounts with such strong corroboration that the book has an authority that is very widely acknowledged.

This book should be read by all who want to know about death and dying. I would recommend it to all doctors, ministers of religion of whatever persuasion, people who are close to death themselves, as well as their families. It is a book of universal application. It should be acknowledged as one of the most important works of the twentieth century. It is certainly one of my major acquisitions.

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