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Hands-On Healing for Pets by Magrit Coates

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Information: 185 pages, paperback

They say: Discover how to use healing energy to make a real difference to your pet's health and happiness. Healing helps you to communicate with it and understand what it's thinking and feeling.

This unique guide by Britain's leading animal healer, Margrit Coates, shows how you can learn the skill of hands-on healing to help improve your pet's well-being and behaviour. In Hands-On Healing for Pets, Margrit Coates shares many stories of animals that she has treated, and offers lots of practical guidance on when, where and how to use hands-on healing to treat your own pet. Whether you are caring for a dog or cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or gerbil, or even a pet bird or fish - the essential steps are given here, as well as advice on how healing can be used alongside other therapies. The book also includes comprehensive sections on animal chakras and the use of crystals. You can even find out the secrets of your pet's horoscope!

The practical information, knowledge, insight and amazing true stories in Hands-On Healing for Pets make this an essential book for any animal lover.

Margrit Coates is a world authority on healing. As well as making many TV and radio appearances, she has written numerous articles for leading publications, including her popular 'Pets Corner' columns for the Daily Mail newspaper. Margrit's first book, Healing for Horses, met with international acclaim.

'Inspirational, teaching us to open our minds to our pets' feelings and needs' Jo Rothery, Editor, Cat World magazine

'Having worked with Margrit Coates, I can vouch for her wonderful ability. Her gift to animal healing is enormous' Nick Thompson BSc. (Hons), BVM&S,VetMF Horn, MRCVS, Holistic Veterinary Contributor for Dogs Today magazine

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Hands-On Healing for Pets - Magrit Coates
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I've been involved with hands-on and distant/absent healing, first with horses, then humans and other animals, for over 24 years, and I happily recommend this book, whether you are new to healing or an experienced practitioner. One of the lovely features of this book is the case studies, detailing Margrit's healing successes with many different animals. These case studies are easily found, interspersed throughout the book, as they are typed within a grey font box, and they therefore easily stand out. Once I had come across the first case study, I began searching through the book and read all the other case studies before any of the other information in the book. This may also be a good approach to the book for someone who is new to healing, or perhaps feeling sceptical about the subject area. The book contains a great deal of useful information for someone wishing to first learn, or further develop, their healing abilities, including meditation techniques to aid you in developing your empathy towards animals and in order to gain a greater insight into how they perhaps experience the human-ruled world they live in. Chapters cover Margrit's own healing experiences, what healing is about and why animals (and humans) might benefit from healing, what conditions healing can be used for, chakras, crystals, how to communicate telepathically and through healing, pet astrology/healing energies, and an explanation of other holistic therapies such as acupuncture, animal physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and homeopathy. There is a list of useful addresses, sub-divided into sections on animal healing, other complementary practitioners, and animal welfare organisations. The book is not one that can be read in one-sitting, as there is lots of information to absorb, however, it is well-sectioned and can easily be used as a reference guide to dip into as......more
5 out of 5 By
Margrit Coates' Hands-on Healing for Pets is truly inspirational. By giving them our unconditional love and by listening to our intuition, we can have a more meaningful relationship with our beloved pets. Compassionate and caring, sad and happy, Margrit's book taught me that we can ALL make a positive difference to the lives of the pets who share our homes. In short, Margrit's book brings a message of hope for the future of us all. Thank you Margrit.

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