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Grapeseed Carrier Oil - 100ml

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    Size: 100 ml (Comes in a plastic bottle)

    Description of aroma: Virtually odourless, but with a good sense of smell you may detect a very light, sweet, nutty aroma.

    Colour: Clear, with a barely perceptible pale yellow-green tinge.

    Texture: Light, fine and non-greasy, enabling this oil to penetrate easily and quickly, leaving only a glossy film on the skin's surface.

    Points of interest: As its name implies, the tiny seeds found inside grapes are the source of this carrier oil. Grapeseed oil is water dispersible, making it an ideal addition to bath oils. It also contains no cholesterol.

    Uses: Grapeseed oil is suitable for all skin types. Its virtual lack of aroma makes it an ideal base for essential oils. Extremely soothing and an excellent emollient, it is ideal for skins that do not absorb oils easily, as it is finer even than sweet almond, and therefore absorbs more quickly, leaving the skin feeling satiny soft. It does not aggravate acne, and is purported to have regenerative and restructuring virtues due to its essential fatty acid content, which is important for skin and cell membranes. Its slightly astringent nature may also help tone the skin.

    Notes Grape seeds yield a very small percentage of oil and are therefore pressed with the aid of heat. They may also be solvent extracted. High in vitamin E, as well as other vitamins, minerals and proteins, it is a natural antioxidant. It also contains a high percentage of linoleic acid, (omega 6) an essential fatty acid. Ideally this oil should be stored in a cool, (not cold) dark area to ensure its shelf life of 6 months. Be careful to avoid placing it in direct sunlight. It is a relatively inexpensive oil and can be used in any dilution up to 100%, making it the perfect addition to thicker or more expensive base oils.

    Safety precautions: A very safe oil, ideal to keep on hand in case of allergies to oils from nut or wheat sources.

    A base oil or carrier oil is an oil that can be used for massage by itself or as a carrier for pure essential oils. The addition of these essential oils gives the oil an aroma which will have a positive impact upon health in way that depends upon your choice of oils. A recommended amount would be up to six drops of pure essential oil into 10-15 ml (about 2-3 teaspoons) of base oil. Vegetable oils used in aromatherapy should be cold pressed or refined without the use of chemical agents (all ours are) as some vegetable oils in supermarkets may have been extracted with the help of a chemical agent.

    About own brand oils:
    Originally the Holisticshop range of oils went under the name of Windflowers. This company was founded by a qualified aromatherapist, selling high quality oils to shops and aromatherapists throughout UK and the world. In October 2003 the opportunity came up for Holisticshop to buy Windflowers, which we did. This acquisition has meant Holisticshop customers can now buy high quality oils at the price professional aromatherapists would expect to pay. These are aromatherapist quality oils. Lower quality oils are available on the market but we continue to pick the best quality source for every oil. For example Windflowers lavender oil is "High Alpine" lavender from Mount Ventoux in the Pyrennes and the ylang ylang is the "complete" oil, not the ylang ylang II or III which come from a different stage in the distillation process.

    Aromatherapist quality

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    Grapeseed Carrier Oil - 100ml
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    Good quality oil at a great price. Easily absorbed, not too oily like some other grapeseed oils that I've used.

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