CD: Fairy Ring - Mike Rowland

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One of the best selling recordings of all time, this flowing calm music, performed on the piano and strings, has no turbulence, and is as relaxing as any music can be. Inspired by a sensitive attunement to the forces of nature, Mike Rowland's improvisations seem to float in the air while gently revolving around a core of soft melodies and wistful harmonies. The result is magical! An immensely popular release with unlimited appeal.

Review by Brett:
We had been gradually adding to our range of CDs but this was one CD we didn't have that appeared to be getting the most requests, such as 'I was looking on your website, and was wondering have you got Fairy Ring by Mike Rowland?' So we made sure we got it in quickly!

Fairy Ring has been around for a long time. At the time it was released it was ground breaking and went on to be a best seller, that still sells well today. The basis of the music is made up of piano with chords and strings intertwining and being played over the top. I did like the album, and many will find it ideally suited to their relaxation or healing activities, but others may find it a little dated, as although beautiful and restful, it is the kind of music that has become typical of the new age music movement.

Total Running Time: 44:30 minutes

The Tracks:
1 The Fairy Ring (One) 22:30
2 The Fairy Ring (Two) 22:00

More About Fairies / Faeries
Fairies are typically portrayed as friendly little beings with wings. They're called many names, such as little people, wee ones, hill folk and nature spirits, and live in Fairyland as well as inhabiting trees and plants in the human world. 

Legend has it that fairies have the ability to let humans see what they want them to see and they can take on the form that humans expect of them. They're said to be mostly friendly, happy creatures, although they can be mischievous and play tricks, and they enjoy singing, laughing and spreading joy and happiness. 

Fairies have been famously represented in children's books, such as the Flower Fairy series, and almost every culture in the world has some reference to such beings. 

Pictures and images of fairies signify a connection with the magical realm and can provide a touch of happiness, fun and joy into life.

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    Couldn't Be Without This

    Posted by Mrs Hill on 20th Sep 2006

    Used this music for many years in my Yoga & fitness classes as an aid to relaxation. My original tape eventually wore out so bought the cd. One day my copy 'went missing' only to be returned months later damaged. Could not be without a copy of this beautiful piece hence I have now bought yet another copy, nothing else is anywhere near as good.