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CD: The Faerie Cottage - Guided Meditation for Relaxation by Alicen Geddes-Ward

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    Total running time: 50:21 minutes

    One Track:
    1: The Faerie Cottage Meditation (50:21)

    They say: Would you like to fire your imagination and awaken your creativity? Would you like to create a sacred space where you can relax and unwind? Do you wish to embark on a magical journey of self-discovery? The Faerie Cottage provides advice on how to meditate with the faeries, where you can allow yourself to be guided by the words and imagery, taking you through all the four elements of the entrancing Land of Elphame. Alicen guides the faerie seeker on a journey into the faerie realms. Find the faerie cottage, like a bejewelled secret waiting as a haven to begin walking the sparkling pathway to Faerie Land. Watch the winged faerie sylphs, the dancing salamanders of fire, enter the world of the alluring undines and mermaids and let your imagination roam with the gnomes of the crystal caves. The Faerie Cottage invites the faerie seeker to delve into the magic of the imagination and the journey of discovery that it awakens.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Fairy/Faeries - Magical, happiness, joy
    Fairies are typically portrayed as friendly little beings with wings. They're called many names, such as little people, wee ones, hill folk and nature spirits, and live in Fairyland as well as inhabiting trees and plants in the human world.

    Legend has it that fairies have the ability to let humans see what they want them to see and they can take on the form that humans expect of them. They're said to be mostly friendly, happy creatures, although they can be mischievous and play tricks, and they enjoy singing, laughing and spreading joy and happiness.

    Fairies have been famously represented in children's books, such as the Flower Fairy series, and almost every culture in the world has some reference to such beings.

    Pictures and images of fairies signify a connection with the magical realm and can provide a touch of happiness, fun and joy into life.

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    CD: The Faerie Cottage - Guided Meditation for Relaxation by Alicen Geddes-Ward
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    I did wonder what this CD may behold. I have listened to meditation CDs for so many years that I now look for something different. All the best meditation CDs have a gentle voice of the meditation leader, there is a keen awareness of the need for silence and stillness, and what may be the ďarchitectureĒ of the meditation, a structure that seems to take the listener somewhere. This CD is up there with the best of them. It follows all my rules of what a CD of this genre should be like. The huge difference from the rest, however, is the material used as the focus for the meditation. This was entirely new to me. Not for a very long time has my imagination been so sparked up. I thought there were just ďfairies.Ē How foolish of me! I learned about sylphs, salamanders of fire, undines, mermaids and much more. I could almost feel them, see them, interact with them. The CD cleverly takes you there slowly, gently relaxing you before asking for your complicity in summoning up these amazing creatures. The background music too is of a good quality, but then it is Llewellynís contribution so that is to be expected.
    I always rate a CD of this kind by how well it is used and how often I use it. I do use this a lot. Why? Maybe itís because I have somehow found a way to reconnect to my natural roots. I feel, after listening to it, that I am refreshed and renewed. Do I need to say more?
    4 out of 5 By
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    Take a journey to faerie land in this guided meditation CD by Alicen Geddes-Ward. Alicenís soothing voice invites you to relax, unleash your creativity and put your imaginative powers into action, as she leads you on a magical journey to connect with faeries.
    The CD incorporates the wonderful music of Llewellyn, which is helps set the scene effectively and is the perfect accompaniment to the mesmerizing voice of Geddes-Ward. The guided meditation takes you first to the Faerie Cottage, set in a secluded glade, and from there out to explore the surrounding area and meet faeries. In true faerie spirit, the CD takes you through the four elements in the Land of Elphane, including encounters with sylphs of air and salamanders of fire.
    As you listen to the words and music and get your visualisation in full swing, the images of faerie land are conjured up in your mind, really bringing it to life. Ideally, I would have liked a few more relaxation prompts at the beginning of the CD, to fully relax the mind and body, but as the meditation progresses, with faeries dancing around you, and magic in the air, you canít help but relax and unwind.
    5 out of 5 By
    Alicen's meditations are beautiful, if you are interested in the fey world you will love her CDs. Her voice is lovely, and her descriptions make visualising easy. Highly recommended.

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