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CD: Empowering the Spirit - Guided Meditation for Chakra Healing by Ian Welch

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    Total running time: 50:21 minutes

    One CD
    1: Empowering the Spirit Meditation (40:19)

    They say: Do you often feel tired, lethargic or run down? Would you like to re-energise your mind, body and spirit? Have you cleansed or re-balanced your chakra energy system lately? Empowering the Spirit is a complete mind, body and spirit guided meditation that acts to clear, harmonise and re-energise the chakra energy system. Using colour and crystal visualisations as its primary healing tools, this meditation is a great way to experience a full-body energetic tune-up. Used regularly, it can help to restore your energy levels, re-invigorate the spirit, relax the body and more closely connect you with your inner divinity. The purifying and balancing effects this meditation has on your spirit will also manifest themselves in your physical and mental spheres.

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    CD: Empowering the Spirit - Guided Meditation for Chakra Healing - Ian Welch
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    This CD is unusual as a meditation guide. It is the only one of my collection where there is only one track, and there is only one meditation, but it is forty minutes in length. I hesitated such a long time before finally finding the time to try it out. I am accustomed to meditating for no longer than half an hour at a time. Forty minutes seemed just too long. Of course, I was wrong to feel as I did. Ian Welch has done an excellent job here. Does it do what it claims to do on the box? Yes, it does, and it does it well. It claims to re-energise the mind, body and spirit. It certainly did that for me, or, I should say, it does it for me as I use it regularly.
    Initially, I thought I would use it for only part of the time as I did not feel I would be able to stick with it for the full length. I was surprised, however, not only to be able to stay with it for the full forty minutes, but also that the time seemed to go by so very quickly. Ian Welch leads us through a full and relaxing meditation that gets one into the right frame of mind before moving to the chakra healing. He makes very good use of colour and crystal visualisations. It is all simple yet effective. He also has a very gentle and reassuring voice and, whats more, the background music, by the ubiquitous Llewellyn, is not too overpowering. The music is soft, lazy, and far enough into the background as to be almost unnoticeable. For those who have not listened to a long meditation like this, please, take the risk. I love it, and I will......more
    4 out of 5 By
    This CD is good if you like guided visualisation. It takes you on a journey, while working on the Chakras.

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