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CD: Earth Blue by Deuter

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    Total running time: 67 minutes

    One CD
    1 The Source 6.20
    2 White 8.30
    3 Earth Light 5.50
    4 Distant Dreams 10.13
    5 Savannah Sunrise 6.00
    6 Abendschatten 7.20
    7 Balance 8.40
    8 Pradera 9.00
    9 Earth Blue 5.30

    They say: Deuter a master creator of spiritual music, is a living legend. His sublime compositions transcend aural boundaries, his elegant melodies filling the heart of anyone who listens. Deuter's innate awareness and rare musical talent create a harmonious balance of music and spirit.

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    Deuter - Musical artist
    Deuter is an internationally acclaimed musician and composer whoís recorded and released over 50 albums in his career so far. He specialises in creating New Age music, combining his love for acoustic and electronic instruments with the wonderful sounds of nature and ethnic influences.

    Deuter was born in Germany and taught himself to play the guitar, flute and harmonica. Although he always loved music, it wasnít until he was involved in a near fatal car crash in his early 20s that he finally decided his true vocation in life was to work as a musician. As a result, his first album, D, was released in 1971 and heís gone on to produce a wide variety of much-loved albums.

    Many of Deuterís early recordings are meditative and contemplative and reflect elements of Deuterís own spiritual search. He was one of the first musicians to successfully blend together Eastern and Western traditions and much of his music is inspiring, uplifting and full of spirit.

    Since his first album in 1971, Deuter has continued to be passionately involved in creating and composing music, bringing out at least one album almost every year since, and his wonderful repertoire is enjoyed by people worldwide.

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    CD: Earth Blue - Deuter
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    I have only recently become acquainted with Deuterís work, although he has been around for a very long time, and I am so glad I gave myself time to wallow in his music. This CD is as impressive as his earlier work. It just flows along and it feels that somehow time stands still as the music has that unrushed quality that you just do not want to give up. The CD would not work without the talents of a music master. Deuter uses traditional instruments but allies them with that etheric style so loved of the modern listener. Deuterís work is not just a flow of sound, however beautiful that might be. There are also those light, enchanting melodies that sets him apart from other composers in the same field. You could just listen to this CD as background to a time of quiet contemplation or meditation, or to a healing session. What is more, however, is that this can be heard for what it is, a beautiful piece of musical composition, soulfully delivered. If you are a lover of Deuterís music you will want to acquire this CD, confident in its quality. If you are unfamiliar with his work, give this CD a try. You will be surprised at the gentility and uplifting feel of the melodies and rhythms. It is a lovely CD and anyone can enjoy it. Well done to Deuter.

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