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CD: Bali by Midori

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Total running time: 53 minutes

The Tracks:
1 Lake of Purity
2 Forgotten Temple
3 Spirits of the Mountains
4 Ocean Shrine
5 Islands at Dusk
6 Holy Waters

Back of CD says: Escape to a tranquil paradise and indulge in a moment of calm and serenity - Midori's music perfectly reflects the peace and spirituality of Bali's ancient temples.

Natural sounds of ocean shore, birdsong, fountains and streams combine with the sounds of Chinese and Indian Wood Flutes, Shaku, Yi-ching, Ghuzhen, finger cymbals, dragon drum, wind chimes and keyboards to create an album of serene beauty, for perfect meditation, relaxation or to recapture your memories of a tranquil paradise. The people of Bali have a unique isolated culture. Over time they have absorbed many influences, and yet they have maintained a friendly and easy going character that is all their own. Their islands are rich in ancient sites where temples, gardens and water features still survive as places of calm and tranquility.

Often located on mountains, cliffs or lakes, the temples are serene sites of natural beauty. Midori's music echoes the sounds and peace of these Balinese shrines and evokes a sense of calm and natural spirituality.

We say: This music is possibly a bit too lively to meditate to, yet it is relaxing, in an Oriental kind of a way, and reminds you of the many wondrous cultures that exist in the world.

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CD: Bali - Midori
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Reviews - rated 5/5 based on customer reviews

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I really like this CD from Midori. It has 6 tracks and they are all great. You can enjoy the sounds of nature, particularly water, with mainly a flute based melody with other instruments added, such as drum and gong. It makes me think of India first then of Japanese gardens and the Far East. The music transportes you up to a place of far greater peace and serenity. It is very soothing when I am stressed and is wonderfully calming. I like to listen to it when I do my Qi-Gong in the mornings and also during the night on my MP 3 when I can't sleep. I think this CD is very popular as I seen the front cover in various shops. I do recommend it when you want to take some "time out" from the children!
4 out of 5 By
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This CD is very mixed in energy, there are undoubtably some breathtaking tracks. Lake of Purity for example I found quite wonderful,this track is pretty well perfect and the introductory sounds of water on shore set the scene perfectly.
The tracks employ a variety of instruments coupled with natural sounds and overall the CD is very pleasing. I do feel the music is not really suitable for meditation because some of the tracks become 'busy' and almost demand attention. The tracks are six in number and many are quite long,one runs for sixteen minutes.
I am impressed with the interplays of instrument and these produce constant juxtaposition of emphasis and dynamic.
This CD is quite unusual and I have rated it as above average it actually approaches greatness and I am confident that many will find a solace comfort and peace from this offering.
A good and interesting CD.

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